Silversun Pickups Release New Single “Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings)” From Upcoming Album ‘Neck Of The Woods’

Sunday has taken a bloody turn with the release of Silversun Pickups’ first track, “Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings)” from their upcoming album, Neck Of The Woods.

Despite a name that would send any schoolyard child into fear, the catchy dream-pop single shimmers with lush guitar distortion while evoking a playful, almost innocent feel.

In an interview with KROQ, Aubert said that the Silversun Pickups were “so happy” that “Bloody Mary” was chosen as their lead radio single because it encapsulates a “prettier, dreamier” sound that they’ve always been fond of.

[pullquote quote=”‘Bloody Mary’ was something that I think we would have wanted to go for. “]”‘Bloody Mary’ was something that I think we would have wanted to go for,” explained Aubert. “Like there was stuff on our last two albums that lean towards us being certain kind of rockers. There was areas that we could leaned more towards.”

“Like, on our first album, we were all really fond of the song called ‘Rusted Wheel.’ We kind of wanted to explore more of that aspect, I guess in the radio universe, whatever that means.”

Neck of The Woods is Silversun Pickups’ third album and will be released on May 8th. The song will be available on iTunes tomorrow.

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