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Walking Dead Creator Robert Kirkman Discusses Season Two’s Upcoming Finale

In the Kevin & Bean Show office, we don’t always agree on TV shows to watch. However, The Walking Dead has us hooked.  First thing Monday morning after a new episode airs, the first question out of anyone’s mouth is “Holy crap, did you watch Walking Dead last night?”

Season 2 of AMC’s zombie apocalypse drama is coming to a close this week, and if the episode is anything like the last couple, it won’t end quietly.  Robert Kirkman, creator of the graphic novel and producer of the TV series, stopped by the show this morning to discuss some zombie mythology, what could happen in the finale, and what we can look forward to in season 3.


Few shows have the stones to kill off major characters, but The Walking Dead managed to off two primary characters in back to back episodes! We were happy to finally see Dale go (in brutal fashion), and Kevin told Robert that if they hadn’t , he would’ve gone down there to do it himself.  Then Shane’s death in Sunday’s climax at the hands of Rick (and again by Carl) capped off the gradual shift of their relationship from best friends and partners, to bitter rivals.

Though the show is based on Kirkman’s graphic novel, the show does stray from the storyline a bit.  Robert said that was a conscious choice, so even if someone has read the comics, there is still the element of surprise in not knowing what will happen from week to week.

We took some questions from listeners as well:

zombies Walking Dead Creator Robert Kirkman Discusses Season Twos Upcoming Finale

Listener Rudy noticed that “the walkers” have gotten quicker over the course of the series, and wondered if there were plans for running zombies in season 3.  Kirkman explained that their speed depends on their state of decomposition.  A fresh zombie would be faster, while a rotting zombie will be slow and shambling. There are no plans to upgrade to running zombies (ie. the Dawn of the Dead remake)

zombie shane Walking Dead Creator Robert Kirkman Discusses Season Twos Upcoming Finale

Listener Scott wondered how Shane got the zombie virus, and why he changed so quickly after his death.  According to Robert, this question “may or may not be” answered this Sunday.  When Kevin asked  if the virus was now airborne, since people can now change without being bitten or scratched, the answer was  “It’s likely”.

(By the way, if you are still wondering what the doctor at the CDC whispered to Rick at the end of season one, as Listener Adam was, pay attention to this Sunday’s episode.)

Listener Josh asked if there were any plans for a movie.  Kirkman joked, “Is TV not good enough?” then went on to say that although there are no plans currently, there’s always a possibility.

What else can we look forward to in this week’s finale? Expect complete chaos, with tons of zombies ( if you didn’t think there were enough zombies this season, this episode should appease you). After the deaths of Dale and Shane, the drama will need to be amped up, and Robert promises that the cast going into the episode will be radically changed by the end.

What about Season 3? New characters will be added to offset those being killed.  One such character will be “The Governor”,  who Kirkman promises will be as ruthless as depicted in the graphic novel.  The season will also be 16 episodes long, which is great news considering Season 1 had 6, while Season 2 had 12.

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