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Movie Beat 3/9/12 – Friends With Kids, Silent House, John Carter, And More.

In theaters this week, we have Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, Friends With Kids, Silent House, A Thousand Words, and John Carter.

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen:

Nope. Let’s not start with that. This is the worst kind of self-indulgent, artsy-fartsy, “oh, we’re going to make a film that touches you in places that only your uncle knows about” kind of vibe. Ewan McGregor’s in it, but I don’t know what’s happening with his career. Emily Blunt’s also in this, along with Kristin Scott Thomas.

Here’s the premise – A sheik wants to bring the sport of fly fishing to the desert, so he hires a fishery expert, but they embark on an upstream journey of faith to prove that the impossible is possible. You know what this reminds me of? That old fart that was riding the lawnmower across the USA, whatever that movie was called. Eff this movie! Eff it to death!


Friends With Kids:

Now,  this looks funny. Jennifer Westfeldt wrote and directed this movie about two best friends that decide to have a child together, while keeping their relationship platonic. It takes a toll on their friendship and the relationships that surround them. It’s a great cast including Adam Scott, Maya Rudolph, Jennifer Westfeldt, Jon Hamm, Kristen Wiig.

Silent House:


Who would have thought that a good actor would come out of the Olsen family? Elizabeth Olsen, sister of Ashley and Mary-Kate is a terrific little actress! She stars in this and it seems to be a genuine horror film! It’s an interesting premise. The concept is that a family has a lakeside house, and a young woman finds herself trapped inside the house with a psycho.

Now, this is something we’ve all seen before, but this one takes place in real-time, so for the next 90 minutes or so, you’re seeing the actual 90 minutes of terror that she’s going through in the house, and it’s shot, pretty much, with a static, single-camera shot throughout the whole film. It’s a fascinating take on the “trapped inside the house” horror genre.

A Thousand Words:

Eddie Murphy stars in this as a literary agent and he talks so much that he gets a spell cast on him that after a thousand words, he’s gonna die, so he can’t talk anymore. He has to find other ways to communicate, and he learns a valuable lesson about the consequences of every word we speak. Eddie draws a picture to tell his friend what’s wrong and what he’s been going through.

John Carter:

(since the trailers don’t do it justice, here’s a 10 minute clip from the film)
Taylor Kitsch, Lynn Collins, Mark Strong (one of my favorite actors) star in this, about a Civil War vet who finds himself mysteriously transported to Mars. It happens. He’s got to defend the Martians and help them fight for their freedom against these 12-foot-tall barbarians (played by Khloe Kardashian). John Carter – I can’t wait to see him swinging some swords and killing some barbarians and kickin’ ass! USA! USA! USA! Martians can’t solve their own problems. They have to bring in an American!


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