What was your biggest personal change of 2011?


“I quit RedTube”


[pullquote quote=”I became an adrenaline junkie.” credit=”Nicole”]”My biggest personal change of 2011 has to be the fact that I became fearless. I ran with the bulls in Pamplona and there is nothing I won’t jump out of these days. So I guess the fact that I became an adrenaline junkie is what defines my personal change this year. I figure it is way better to have a thirst for base jumping than it is to have a thirst for hookers and blow. Although Charlie Sheen seems to be the exception to the rule.”


“Drastically cut back on reading. Used to read almost nothing. So I cut that way back.”


“To work on the 3 Ps. Preparation, Perseverance, and…uh…that’s AMAZING.”

katmercedes KROQ DJs Reveal Their Biggest Personal Changes Of 2011

Kat enjoying her new Mercedes Benz


“In 96 my Civic was new. Last summer I was still driving it! In September I got the new C-Class Coupe from Mercedes Benz. UPGRADE.”

3d acx22 house 2 KROQ DJs Reveal Their Biggest Personal Changes Of 2011

KROQ Acoustic Christmas in 3D


[pullquote quote=”I got around to seeing SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD and it has become my favorite movie EVER.” credit=”Sluggo”]”Besides discovering the 3D CAMERA AP (I took some shots at Acoustic Christmas but Lightning REFUSES to post them just ’cause they’re dull as shit – what, like everything else on here is fascinating as F*CK? Hey!!! WHO EDITED THAT?!?) uhm, let’s see – I…can’t tell you about that one…though I expect to deal with Y’ALL a LOT more in 2012…and what strain I settled on is interesting, but…OH! I got around to seeing SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD and it has become my favorite movie EVER. It’s been a LONG time since a new movie has taken spot #1 (and I think SPACED, not until recently easily available in the US may well have become my favorite TV show ever), even though it’s crazy olde. Like, prior to SHAUN OF THE DEAD old. ((so how old does that make you, gramps? hahahaha – boring, Sidney!!!))”

kevinbeaninbed KROQ DJs Reveal Their Biggest Personal Changes Of 2011

Bean and Kevin... Uh...


[pullquote quote=”I woke up and realized that KROQ is not going to be around forever.” credit=”Bean”]”This was the year when I woke up and realized that KROQ is not going to be around forever. I don’t mean just that Kevin & Bean are not going to be on KROQ forever, I mean that the radio station is eventually going to go away too. We are already one of the few remaining modern rock radio stations in the country. Even stations in the CBS network in big cities like New York and Philadelphia have switched formats, leaving a giant hole in the market for bands you and I both love. Either most people aren’t listening to rock music anymore or we are just not doing enough to become an essential part of your day, but KROQ could very well go the way of Hollywood Video stores one day, possibly sooner rather than later.

I hope I’m wrong and Southern Californians continue to give us their ears a little bit every day. Without you, there is no us. This might be a good time to say thank you for your support in 2011 and all throughout the years and to promise you the Kevin and Bean show will be back on January 3rd, 2012 and will be working hard again to entertain you. Have a happy holiday season and a very, happy new year!”

KROQ DJs reveal their fav viral videos of 2011.

Comments (9)
  1. Lisa says:

    Thank you, Bean! And Kevin! And Kat! Yes, even you, Beer Mug! The reason why I listen to KROQ is because of the morning crew. Can I make a suggestion for the next “Ask a…”? I want an “Ask a CBS exec” so that they can see for themselves what a loyal following you have.

  2. When Bean said “ I woke up and realized that KROQ is not going to be around forever.
    ” I was a bit saddened. I promise you I will literally cry if KROQ or Kevin and Bean are even to disappear. K&B are the reason why I wake up early, from the 1st Showbiz Beat to the special guest and ending the show with the next days lineup, or maybe Friday’s Don’t Bogart That Joint Sing-A-Long. KROQ has created an amazing morning show better than any I’ve ever heard. Thank you K&B, and The World Famous KROQ 106.7 for being my favorite radio station of all time.

  3. Bean, I truly hope you are wrong but given your knowledge of the industry I’m fearful too. We can listen to whatever kind of music we want at any time of day (via internet/mp3 player, etc.) yet we choose to listen to K&B and KROQ. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you’ll all be back for your 22nd year and longer.

  4. Brian says:

    Like some, I’m listening internationally (from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada) and when CBS Radio put up a block on live streaming for international listeners, I was pissed but honestly a little fearful of what might be next for KROQ. Thankfully, KROQ is still kicking and alive and well.
    We have one pretty decent rock format radio station nearby in Toronto, but I will keep tuning into KROQ.com and listening to Kevin and Bean’s podcast especially. I hope the K&B show sticks around for many years to come and I hope KROQ continues being ‘World Famous’ many more. Thanks for years of entertainment, music, and more, KROQ.

  5. Richard L. says:

    Bean, although it’s a sad thought, I hope that you, Kevin, Lisa, Omar, Dave and even Beermug stay on the air for many more great years. And if something happens to KROQ itself and the crew still wants to bring the funny, I suggest talking to your good friends Adam Carolla and Kevin Smith about getting into the world of podcasting. Yes, your show’s already bundled into a podcast, but I’d like to think that The Kevin and Bean Show isn’t something that disappears when radio goes away. I’ve been a regular listener for going on four years and I won’t stop listening until there’s nothing left to listen to. Keep up the awesomeness!

  6. Nick Radtke says:

    While Bean’s statement worries me, I’m not 100% surprised with the sentiment. Honestly, KROQ excels at overplaying songs, and this turns a lot of listeners off (myself included). Most of us will listen to K&B because they’re freaking hilarious, but as for the music, KROQ needs to spread the lineup a bit. Cut back on the number of times per day they play particular songs (as KROQ has overplayed many songs to the point that I can’t stand them anymore), and fill those spots with different music. Play some more older stuff that’s not RHCP or Sublime (not necessarily really old, but maybe like Hybrid Theory-era Linkin Park), and maybe bring in a bit more hard rock (the one or two Metallica songs a day doesn’t cut it for that loyal and starved fanbase). There’s really good and increasingly popular hard rock that could fill voids in the lineup. If KROQ made these changes, I’d almost never feel the need to change the station to either a competitor or my satellite radio.

  7. Mart says:

    My favorite morning show has a first name.
    It is K-E-V-I-N!

    My favorite morning show has a second name.
    It is B-E-A-N!

    I love to listen everyday and if i had to this is what i would say…
    insert bong rip here… you know…

    Life without Kevin and Bean would be like a bologna sandwich minus the meat!

    International listener from Sweden but lifetime fan of the show!

  8. Jennifer says:

    Aww, Bean made me cry.

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