What plans do you have for Mr. Vilhelm Idol’s birfday, praytell?  Perhaps you should dress like a zombie and dance about until you fall down undead.  That would be nice.

Years before SHAUN OF THE DEAD (but only a couple of years after DAWN OF THE DEAD) Bill gave MTV one of their first iconic videos…and it’s still one of my favorites.

  1. Scotty says:

    Pulled this joint straight from the depths of my still beating heart you sly disc spinnin’ mad man you. SLUGGSTER!!! AGGHHHHHH!!!! Dude! This is my childhood track right here! I remember my sister turning on MTV with her friends, then all of them running out of the living room to squawk like young teenie boppin’ girls did in the 80’s and while the TV lay in all its radioactive radical nature I sat and experienced what it is to truely be apart of something greater…music videos… Yeah! At 5 years old I rocked the shirtless right fist shakin’ Idol style all the way and to some extent still presently…love this jam! Right on Sluggo. I can’t help but do a couple of steps for Mr. William Michael Albert Broad on his dare I say…56th!!! What a legend… With a raised glass and a nod of respect, SALUTE! I’m especially ecstatic cause tomorrow night I’m gonna be dancin’ and boppin’ around like a mad stoner at one of the last great opportunities to see a truly legendary master of live performances, be thee, IGGY POP!!! A.K.A. Iggy and The Stooges (Ron Asheton R.I.P.)!!!!!!!! I’m as excited as a teenage girl waiting for the new Twilight film. It’s goin’ down at the Palladium tomorrow night there the Slooog. You know, it would be super cool if you did a nifty lil’ video of the day for the men of 1969 who gave punk something to think about! Huh? Huh? Huh? Okay… Today belongs to Billy… Tomorrow though, well, until then…

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