Can You Help Us At “Friends And Helpers” Provide A Happy Holiday Season For Victims Of Domestic Abuse?

My wife and I run a charity for abused women and children. And by “my wife and I”, I mean my wife and an incredible board of volunteers.

I figure this year we’ve got two things going for us. 1) There aren’t any other charities out there asking for your money. And 2) We have a healthy, robust economy so most of you probably have piles and piles of extra cash layin’ around the house..

Our charity,, works with women and children who’ve been forced to run away from an abusive home life. They often go to shelters with no money, no job, and no hope. At these shelters they get counseling, and job training so they can pull themselves up and start their lives again.

During the holidays, many of them have NO money for food or clothes, let alone Christmas or Chanukah gifts. And these little chunky kids shouldn’t have to suffer because of domestic abuse. The mothers are doing everything they can, and now it’s our turn.

It’s not a glamorous charity. We can’t spotlight these women and children because they’re still in hiding. We can’t have a fund-raising ball because the topic doesn’t exactly lend itself to drinking games. But the one thing we DO HAVE is the knowledge that 100% of the money you give goes directly to the women and children that really need it.

If you have $5 or $25, you can make a huge difference here.

Here’s a call we took from a listener who was surprised to find gifts under the tree for Christmas from our charity:

Here’s a thank you note we received from a mom:

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