Almost Acoustic Christmas: Photos, recaps, interviews, and more!

On Wednesday, Beer Mug and I headed Downtown to find out what the current situation was with the Occupy LA gathering.

Dozens of tents and makeshift huts were set up all around City Hall, filled with the “99%’ers” demanding reform in our nation’s government. While we encountered several knowledgeable people throughout the morning, there were some that weren’t even sure why they were there. And then there’s the guy who said we should bomb the Twin Towers again

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  1. RP says:

    Goin platinum fo shizzie!

  2. Joe says:

    Socialists!! They’re all socialists!!! Makes sense with how lazy Americans have gotten today; they just want everything handed to them by the government but once we give all control to the government then the government has limitless people. Embrace democracy and capitalism! It will keep the power with the people! (Although I may have hurt my argument by stating how lazy our people are…we’re all screwed!! =D )

  3. Joe says:

    oh beer mug, you’re such a big POS! you F’ing douchebag

  4. Nes says:

    What a disgrace this little montage is. Why not actually show real interviews about a serious topic instead of cherry picking the 2 crazy dudes out of the hundreds of demonstrators that are actually there.

    1. Blackout | says:

      Because we’re KROQ. Did you expect some serious reporting from us?

      1. Nes says:

        No I did not but since this is a serious movement with a large youth contingent. Condescending coverage like this or Kevin’s admitted ignorance hurts the movement painting it with such a wide and negative brush. People that were on the fence about checking this out might now be turned off by the 2 crazies.

      2. Blackout | says:

        Don’t feel like this event is singled out. We do this with everything… if you want serious news coverage go turn on CNN or something.

      3. Nes says:

        This isn’t something like the deep fried butter video where silliness is a must and non-consequential.

      4. Frankie D says:

        Thank you for this report, KROQ. I work at City Hall and see these people everyday. Although many may have some serious issues, a few seem a little lost.

    2. Joe says:

      Nes, as someone who fits the demographic for these protesters (20-yr-old college student), I can tell you that this movement is just as much bullcrap as the tea party, just this is from the leftist hippies instead of the rightist libertarians. The seriousness of their message was gone after it was made obvious how much they were preaching for pure socialism and associating that with American values. Also, most news channels have interviewed the people who don’t know why they’re out there so you can’t say KROQ is the only media outlet doing so. Finally, if you’re looking to KROQ for political opinions…just don’t; nothing on this website is meant to be serious and if it was then Psycho Mike would have come in 2nd in the California Governor’s race last fall.

    3. ktbang says:

      There ways to be funny and still respectful. This just makes everyone involved look bad – and I usually like Beer Mug, this video is a disservice to him and your listeners! KROQ seems like a bunch of not clever, uncreative, insecure bullies. I’d like to see more content that actually treats your listeners like we aren’t a bunch of ignorant idiots and you’re above us. Thanks.

      1. ktbang says:

        Actually, after reading Joe’s comment above – I take it back. Your listeners are a bunch of ignorant idiots. (Preaching pure socialism? Really? Clearly you are not paying attention. Must be too busy with “college”.) Carry on, KROQ. Do your thing.

        Nes, you did your best, you won’t find hope for the future here. Only macho chest-thumping, extreme sexism and a station that cares less about having listeners who can actually think for themselves and more about a mindless following of drooling dopes.

        More Miss Double D posts, but maybe send her out as a correspondent for something? Or are you nervous to show that she has a brain, too? Might turn your audience off.

      2. Joe says:

        ktbang, you’re probably ignorant, uneducated, and just as lazy as the protesters thinking the government is here to solve everyone’s problems; just an assumption I can make if we’re going to resort to personal attacks. I’m at one of the most politically active schools in the nation and we have occupy protesters on our campus that actually wear shirts promoting socialism. Obviously they paid no attention to the dissolve of the Soviet Union. But anyways, there’s a place for serious conversations and that is anywhere but this site. KROQ makes fun of everybody (listeners, guests, fellow employees) and that’s one of the reasons why people come to this site: to be entertained by stupidity. And if you do want to go on arguing, go ahead. Keep the personal attacks out though; they get your argument nowhere and make you seem no better than the “ignorant idiots” you’re criticizing (and I can always go upstairs to my friend’s roommate if I need someone throwing personal attacks and baseless argument at me).

      3. ktbang says:

        Very good, Joe. I retract. Just want to see KROQ do something different. I agree that government should be less involved, rather than more. I work hard for my money and have a Masters degree that I paid for myself – so I get it. I think the Occupy that I support is the one that says corporations should have less to do with politics. Their special interests are the real issue. But yes, yes, this is not the place. I just wish it were sometimes.

      4. Nes says:

        What I suggest that people do is turn off the BS condescending media reports, check out the website of their local occupation, and go down there and just observe and talk to people. Obvious KROQ is not supposed to be news. People have to remember that one of the pillars of the message is that special interest money should be taken out of politics that goes to buy media campaign ads, so obviously media is not going to be fair to the movement.

  5. Masta P says:

    Thought Big Tad was gone … Did not know he had come back masqueraded as Beer Mug. Has anyone ever seen Beer Mug & Big Tad in the same room? The interview “skills” are the same. Come on guys, the secret is out.

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