With the help of Florida-born pop-punk outfit, New Found Glory on the release day of their new album, Radiosurgery, a new space for exclusive, intimate rock shows is born– The Red Bull Sound Space at KROQ.

It makes sense that New Found Glory, one of the most iconic and wholly representative bands of the pop-punk cannon (and an internationally-popular band huge with the KROQ crowd) was here to break in the newly-finished space with their well-known energetic live show.

Thanks to the magic of the internet, Sound Space is what we’d like to deem a global venue. New Found Glory fans from around the world had the opportunity to watch the show as if they were right there, pumping their fists with excitement.

Once a forlorn space of left-over cubicles with the spooky remnants–like cups of Del Taco hot sauce and crayon-drawn pictures of houses–of employees long gone, the sad war-torn corporate cubicle land that sat like a memorial is now a super-cool, pitch-black musical space.

Donations to the station of old audio equipment like ’40s-era radios, record players, and blinged-out boomboxes were turned into a piece of structurally-relevant art behind the stage.  Station employees, the lucky KROQ audience winners, and New Found Glory were the first people to lay their eyes on this awesome new Red Bull Sound Space at KROQ.

Today, the whole vibe felt like a more polished underground punk rock club, or perhaps that was the pop-punk influence of New Found Glory and their dynamic, die-hard fan base.

One of those fans is KROQ’s own Styker, who has seen more than a dozen New Found Glory shows and has even appeared in their music video for “Don’t Let Her Pull You Down.” Stryker lead the Q&A with the band before they started their set.

One 25-year-old fan (who called herself  “old” many times) who saw New Found Glory at the Palladium when she was sixteen, told New Found Glory that New Found Glory’s music gets her through “everything…break-ups, fighting with my parents.”

As a fan of ’80s music, the “old” fan asked the band what their favorite ’80s song to cover was, to which they replied, “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” by [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Simple Minds[/lastfm].

Another fan asked New Found Glory how the music scene has changed.

New Found Glory said that although original fans of their band would come to shows back in the day knowing lyrics because of Napster, when they first started “there wasn’t social networking…now there is more pressure to be socially accepted than there was before.” They also said that they try not to let the culture of illegal downloading affect their band.

Although New Found Glory might have begun their career before the glory days of the internet, the band divulged that they do a lot of their song “writing through video chat,” although they always record together because the recording process together is “magic.”

New Found Glory then began their six song set, playing old and new tunes like “Hit Or Miss,” “Summer Fling, Don’t Mean A Thing,” “All Downhill From Here,” “Anthem For The Unwanted,” “Radiosurgery,” and their biggest hit, “My Friends Over You.”

Excitedly sipping on their ice-cold Red Bulls, at the end of the show fans shuffled out to get posters signed by the band. From 9-to-5 workspace to totally alive concert hall, New Found Glory did a great job of christening the space with punk-rock sweat and the tears of happy fans.

New Found GloryRadiosurgery
Street Date: October 4
Amazon | iTunes | Official Site
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Track Listing:

1.  Radiosurgery
2. Anthem For The Unwanted
3.  Drill It In My Brain
4.  I’m Not The One
5.  Ready, Aim, Fire!
6.  Dumped
7.  Summer Fling, Don’t Mean A Thing
8.  Caught In The Act
9.  Memories And Battle Scars
10.  Trainwreck
11.  Map Of Your Body

Comments (3)
  1. rich says:

    where can i see the whole webcast? NVM Maybe youtube has it. thanks anyway

  2. chris says:

    so fun thanks kroq. NFG keep putting out good albums. Yah the whole things on youtube.

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