Live On Letterman: Top 10 Live Performances By Coldplay

A lot of bands sound better in recorded form than they do live. [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Coldplay[/lastfm], however, is not one of those bands. While their albums can definitely captivate you, Coldplay’s live shows are energetic, beautifully staged, and just really fun to watch.

Never seen Coldplay live? Check out our list below of the Top 10 Live Performances By Coldplay. And then, speaking of live shows, don’t miss Coldplay’s exclusive performance next week from the legendary stage of New York’s Ed Sullivan Theater for Live on Letterman.

10. “Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall” –Rock am Ring Festival 2011  in Nuremberg, Germany

Photo by Dave Hogan//Getty Images

Besides having Chris Martin in our yoga class once, now we see how he stays so fit: bouncing, spinning, and non-stop arm waving.

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9. “A Rush Of Blood To The Head”-Live in Sydney: 2003

Photo by Frazer Harrison//Getty Images

So much intensity, so much passion. And Johnny Buckland’s gorgeous intro? Hello new musical crush.

8. “Fix You”-Live in Tokyo: 2009

Photo by Bryan Bedder//Getty Images

Beside Coldplay’s obvious musical talent, the lighting and cinematography in this clip is amazing.  Also amazing: Martin’s spastic dancing where it looks like he is getting punched in the face with the lights.

7. “Speed of Sound”- Live in Toronto: 2006

Photo by John Shearer//Getty Images

Awww.  A curly-haired Chris Martin, a boisterous audience, and amazing red lights. What more could you want from a performance?

6. “Clocks”-Austin City Limits

Photo by David S. Holloway//Getty Images

Our favorite part of this video? When Chris Martin makes the hand motion like he’s shooting an apple off his head.

5. “Viva La Vida”-Live at BBC 6: 2008

Photo by Dave Hogan//Getty Images

Such a tiny, intimate show! We would love to have been there.

4. “The Scientist”

Photo by John Shearer//Getty Images

For something a little different, but definitely as moving, this clip is of just Chris Martin and Johnny Buckland doing a live in-studio acoustic session on a radio show.

It’s quite different from the stage performance with the backing track, but it shows just how amazing they are as songwriters.

3. “Live Forever” (with [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Noel Gallagher[/lastfm] of [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Oasis[/lastfm])

Photo by Dave Hogan//Getty Images

How amazing would it be to see two of your Britrock heroes playing each others music?

2. “Trouble”- Live at Bizarre: 2000

Photo by Frazer Harrison//Getty Images

This clip is incredible because it totally puts Coldplay’s career into perspective.

As a burgeoning band without all the dramatic stage lights and a tiny audience, Coldplay pre-fame was just as talented as Coldplay now.

And for all the women out there, check out Chris’ smile and the adorable way he closes his eyes when he plays the piano breakdown.

1. “Yellow”-Live in Tokyo 2009

One word: Wow.

From the gorgeous saffron-yellow lighting to the dynamic performance to the massive crowd juggling giant balls to Chris Martin’s cheeky “shhhh” at the beginning of the song; everything is perfect.

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