Movie Beat 8/12/11 – Glee 3D, The Help, Final Destination 5, And 30 Minutes Or Less

Jesse Eisenberg and Aziz Ansari in 30 Minutes or Less

There’s a movie for almost everyone this weekend! There’s a movie for Lisa to go see (The Help). There’s a movie for Kevin to go see (Final Destination 5). There’s a movie for Dave the King of Mexico to go see (Glee 3D). Then there’s one for those of us that like good movies (30 Minutes or Less).

Glee: The 3D Concert Movie:

This is the live concert that they’ve been touring around the country with. Then they went backstage and filmed some behind the scenes moments, and with the live performances, they put it all in a beautiful 3D package for you. Dave will enjoy that.

The Help:

This stars Emma Stone, Bryce Dallas Howard. It’s the story of an aspiring writer, a girl who’s living in the South in 1962, and she comes back home after college and starts building relationships with, well, as you can imagine, the help – the black maids living in her community.

She writes a book to give them a voice about their point of view about what Southern society is like in the 1960’s. It’s a drama about civil rights, but is also in a very human point of view, dealing with these families and the people who work for them.  [Enter Bean’s “this movie is going to be amazing and Viola Davis deserves an Oscar” rant here:]

Final Destination 5:

Here’s where you go and watch people die, but this one’s got an interesting hook though. You’re not just trying to outrun death, but apparently if you kill someone else, and you put them in your place, you get their life. They die and you get spared, so it’s a lot of people taking each other out too, which makes things even more complicated.

My pick of the week:
30 Minutes or Less:

This is for the rest of us who like good movies. High-larious movie from director Ruben Fleischer (who gave us Zombieland) – Jesse Eisenberg. Aziz Ansari. Danny McBride. Nick Swordson.

The poor schmuck (Eisenberg) is a pizza delivery guy who gets an order to deliver a pizza to two yahoos who decide to strap a bomb to him and force him to rob a bank for them, so they don’t have to rob it. Ingenious, when you think about it. It doesn’t work out so well in real life, but in the movies, it’s very entertaining.  I wanna see this movie right now!

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