Few bands have staying power. Few bands stand the test of time. Few band uphold their originality over time.

Jane’s Addiction is an anomaly.

With the strength and insight of their fearless leader, Perry Ferrell, Jane’s has proven that the formula is truly simple. Just make good music.

[pullquote quote=”We’ve gotten to know each other better than ever. As a result, we’ve done great work together.” credit=”Perry Ferrell on the state of the band.”]Jane’s has been creating heavy riffs and sing-along choruses with since their first release in ’86. Songs recording in their early years like ”Stop,” ”Been Caught Stealing” and “Jane Says” are still rock staples today. After 20+ years of innovative music under their belt, it’s safe to say that the band has solidified their place in rock royalty.

For The Great Escape Artist, due in stores September 27th, Jane’s Addiction joined forces with producer Rich Costey (Muse, Franz Ferdinand, Interpol) and TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek. A few weeks ago we World Premiered “End To The Lies, a track from the forthcoming album.

Today, we’re now proud to bring you the album’s first “official” single, “Irresistible Force.”

Perry on the current state of Jane’s Addiction – “We’ve gotten to know each other better than ever. As a result, we’ve done great work together. You have Keith Richards And Mick Jagger, they hate each other. The word is Ego. They feel there’s not enough space in the world for two of them. But when you mature, you realize that if one is succeeding that they’re all succeeding. Things are cool in  the Jane’s camp.”

Interview Pt 1

Interview Pt 2

Interview Pt 3

PAGE 2 Listen to the World Premiere of Irresistible Force.


[First  Listen] Download New Jane’s Addiction “End To The Lies”

[Video] Jane’s Addiction – “End To The Lies”

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[Watch]  Jane’s Addiction Perform In Front Of Boring Google Crowd

Comments (29)
  1. chris moreno says:

    This is ass….

    Not as bad as the new RHCP but still, this is ass….

    Perry, Dave WTF???

    1. Sean Goldman says:

      This is vintage JA. The riffs and dreamy lyrics blend perfectly. Not sure what you were expecting Chris, but this is Janes…evolved, matured much more experiences and yet still Janes. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album.

      1. Vintage Jane’s Addiction this is not. What Happened to their balls. Did they leave with Eric A.??? Jane’s was all about that bass driven sound. I guess many people just don’t get it. I know it’s J.A. but that doesn’t make it good….Actually it’s not really the real J.A. in my eyes. The backbone is gone from the group…unfortunately. I’m a huge J.A. fan and loved the first Porno album but nothing special has come along……Lyrics are mediocre at best.

      2. Sean Goldman says:

        @ Thomas – I’ve been a JA fan since 1986 when I saw them at the Roxy. Again, not sure what you critical people are expecting. Evolution is evolution and this is Janes Addiction. Eric A is gone and I say good riddance. They tried a ‘reunion’ with him and it did not work. I’ve heard reasons why, and Eric is the original ‘bass backbone’ to this band. But, the true backbone is Perry, Stephen and Dave because they’ve stayed with JA until the present. Say what you will about whether the music stacks up to Nothing’s Shocking or Ritual de lo Habitual. But those albums were written/produced more than 20 years ago. Music has changed. These guys have changed. HARNESS THE EVOLUTION OF JANES ADDICTION!!!! 🙂

  2. lukecarp says:

    I don’t know Chris, I think this sounds fu%king amazing. If you want to hear Nothings Shocking, go listen to Nothings Shocking. Bands evolve, and this is a fu%king sexy song.

  3. lenny says:

    This is great and so is the new rhcp. give it a few listens you cant keep living in the past you have to be willing to open your ears to great new music

  4. erin8777@yahoo says:

    Love it !!!

  5. chris moreno says:

    You crazy kids and your open mindedness….

  6. I can’t wait for the new album!! I love this song and End to the Lies!! I Love Jane’s for who they are and how they express themselves in their music!! Brings me alive!!

  7. German says:

    Mmmm… Sorry, I don’t like it.

    Well.. What do you expect? ¿Ritual de lo habitual?… Nah.

    Sorry again.

  8. The irresistible force in this band was Eric A. Now he is gone…….Sad to see Perry doing everything he once stood against. Tarnishing a great bands legacy. Shame!!

  9. Ciana says:

    What a wast of time and space men give to the “brains in her bra” exploiters of mens stupidity and lack of self respect. They are probably manufactured any way.


  10. Can this guy kiss Perry’s ass any more? Get a rag and wipe the sh*t from your nose!! And….Where is Eric???

  11. They lost the guy who wrote most of the songs back in the day…..New stuff for these guys.

  12. Maty says:

    Sounds like Ozzy.

  13. bringthafunk says:

    this song is awesome! sounds like something from outer fucking space! though i don’t really dig their other song End To The Lies.

  14. I absolutely love the new song from Jane’s Addiction “Irresistible Force” from their new album The Escape Artist. So awesome to have new JA to listen to! Perry sounds so fresh on the vocals. 🙂

  15. Rob says:

    It’s ok, it sounds like Rush in their 80’s modern era (power windows, grace under pressure, signals) but with Perry’s voice. I wouldn’t call it evolution, more like recycling. Not to be hating or anything, they were great at one time and they’re still at it, more power (windows) to ’em.

  16. Shelly says:

    Heard this song today on KROQ and it was like a swift slap in the face!!! I can’t remember the last time something came through the radio speakers and made me feel affected… These guys continue to rock!!!

  17. gary says:

    F**king brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!

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