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Movie Beat 7-29-11: Attack The Block, The Smurfs, Crazy Stupid Love, And Cowboys & Aliens

cowboys and aliens Movie Beat 7 29 11: Attack The Block, The Smurfs, Crazy Stupid Love, And Cowboys & Aliens

Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford in Cowboys & Aliens

There’s an interesting bunch of movies opening up in cineplexes this weekend including Attack the Block, The Smurfs, Crazy Stupid Love, and Cowboys & Aliens.


Attack the Block:

This is in limited release, is certainly worth checking out, and is getting rave reviews. It co-stars our buddy Nick Frost, and is produced by Edgar Wright.
This is the story of a low-rent British housing estate that gets attacked by aliens, and these teenagers need to rise up and protect their home. It looks very entertaining.

The Smurfs:

This movie is for children and dumb children… and this is barely even for them! The Smurfs aren’t popular now. They weren’t even funny when they were on the first time! They were just annoying little merchandised characters. Now it’s back.

Here’s the premise. they get chased out of their little mushroom homes by the evil wizard Gargamel, so they have to go to New York City. So they mail themselves to New York City and Neil Patrick Harris gets a box of them. He opens them up and then Neil Patrick Harris’s girlfriend falls in love with him. This is a fantasy on every level.

For those of you that loved Mr. Popper’s Penguins, you’re gonna love Mr. Howser’s Smurfs! Eff you!

Crazy Stupid Love:

Now were getting to the real movies! Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Julianne Moore, Emma Stone – This looks just awesome! Steve Carell’s a married man who goes through a crisis with his wife. They separate. He’s trying to maintain a relationship with his kids and also trying to regain his manhood all at the sane time with the help of a manly man, Ryan Gosling.

It looks funny and touching and poignant and interesting and everything you could want. I don’t see it as a chick flick at all. I think it’s far beyond the average chick flick. Ryan Gosling’s not normally known for his comedy, but he equips himself quite well for this.

My pick of the week:
Cowboys & Aliens:

Directed by Jon Favreau, and starring Harrison Ford, Daniel Craig, and Olivia Wilde. Apache Indians need to lay their differences aside band together with the cowboys when an alien spaceship attacks Silver City, Arizona.

I think it’s gonna be good. This kind of subject matter in the hands of Favreau would be hard to go wrong, or not have a good time, at least in terms of a popcorn movie that you want to go in and get some air-conditioned movie time in the summer months.


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