[pullquote quote=”That just gave me goosebumps listening to it. ” credit=”Gavin Rossdale”]Iconic rock singer and rhythm guitarist, [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Gavin Rossdale[/lastfm], dropped by KROQ and brought us the world première of a brand new Bush track called “The Sound Of Winter.”

A beautiful and emotional song, “The Sound Of Winter” is sonically similar to Bush’s popular first single, 1995’s “Everything Zen.” It combines lush, melancholic instrumention with distorted ’90s-style guitars and Rossdale’s guttural, sexy voice.

Check out the exclusive track here!

[pullquote quote=”The reaction has been amazing so far. So I don’t want the bubble to burst right now.”]After Stryker snatched Gavin from the KROQ parking lot, Rossdale expressed his excitement at finally seeing the artwork for his single and says that Bush lucked out by not having “The Sound Of Winter” leaked:

“I’ve never even seen it, physically, the cover or anything…We just lucked out. We’re like ninjas. You don’t know when we’re going to strike.”

“The same way, world premiering a song–now the Bush cycle starts. No lie. Here’s a record.”

Styrker asked Rossdale where he was when he wrote it. Rossdale replied, “That was only two months ago. That’s as fresh as a baked cake.”

Later on tonight, Bush is playing on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. Stryker mentioned that while the public will see two or three songs on television, Bush will stay longer to play more music. Rossdale explained: “I think we play for forty-five minutes. I think it’s eight songs or something.”

[photogallerylink id=66593 align=left]Most poignant was when Rossdale expressed his joy at hearing “The Sound Of Winter” for the first time on the radio since he wrote it “not so long ago”:

[photogallerylink id=124441]“That just gave me goosebumps listening to it. It’s so weird thinking about the fact that I did write it not so long ago. And then to write it there and to bring it here…it’s overwhelming.”

Stryker tapped into this excitement and brought up Bush’s impressive popularity and success from a purely sales standpoint, mentioning that Bush had over fifteen million albums sold and fourteen consecutive Top 40 singles on Modern Rock charts. The biggest question seemed to be: Does Rossdale still get excited when he hears a new song on the radio?

Rossdale answered affirmatively:

“It’s massive because you never know what’s around the corner. There’s plenty of times when things don’t go right, so it’s fantastic to have that. And the reaction has been amazing so far. So I don’t want the bubble to burst right now.”

The bubble is sure not to burst anytime soon. Bush is playing a sold-out show at Hermosa Beach’s Sainte Rocke tomorrow night–and the venue gets top votes from the lead singer: [pullquote quote=”There was a real fun fact that fifty-thousand people tried to get tickets. They crashed the server at that place. Very cool.”]

“I’ve played that venue before. I played my solo show there. I just was blown away. Began with the Stella on draft they have there that I like and it was just a great set-up. Loved it there. I’d never been down that way.”

“I’ve been living in Los Angeles for awhile and haven’t been to Hermosa and all that. And I thought: This place is incredible. I fell in love with it.”

“The show was amazing and then when it came around this time, where we wanted to play and what we wanted to do…We wanted to play in places and get the excitement going and plant the seed. I voted for that place. I was like, ‘Get us to Sainte Rocke.'”

Chances of getting tickets for a show that sold out in a minute are slim, but Rossdale brought two pairs for lucky KROQ listeners.

“There was a real fun fact that fifty-thousand people tried to get tickets. They crashed the server at that place. Very cool. But I stole four pairs of tickets. I had to fight someone to the death…I murdered them with music. I gave them music and they said, ‘Here, have these tickets.'”

Bush’s new album The Sea of Memories comes out on September 13th.

“The Sound Of Winter”

KROQ Epicenter Twenty-Ten Review: Bush

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Comments (23)
  1. RC2011 says:

    Love it!! By the end of the first time you guys played it i was eager for you guys to play it again !!!!

  2. MaTT says:

    Digging the new single, can’t wait for the new Bush album in September! Beautiful song

  3. lissab113 says:

    Love it!!! Definitely their best since Sixteen Stone came out!!

  4. newginafets says:

    can’t wait for the new album! and No Doubt’s!!

  5. I’ve had this song on repeat since Gavin was in the studio 3 1/2 hours ago! Bush is definitely back and the wait has been well worth it! #busharmy Can’t wait for an amazing night tomorrow at Saint Rocke! Xo

  6. bringthafunk says:

    man, gavin sounds exactly like 1994! his voice along with dexter from offspring never change

  7. Famous kittie says:

    Amazing tonight @ the kimmle show.. See u tomorrow.. First stella,on me n deniece, thanks for our tix… XOXO

  8. lori says:

    amazing to have the energy that is Robin back…my first show was at Orlando…MTV Campus Invasion tour…can’t wait for the show of 2011…to add to my list of life’s best shows!

  9. Laurie Black says:

    Love it! It is Bush, like the classics (Machinehead, Swallowed, etc.)in the beginning, and then more melodic. It rocks guys!!!!

  10. Wow. What a disappointment! I guess this is what happens when you fire HALF the band! They should change the name of this band from BUSH to BS!

  11. that wasnt horrible.

    they lost 2 of their most distinguishable sounds when they lost dave parsons and nigel pulsford (bass and guitar). theres a reason that BAND was awesome. and whether people choose to believe it or not, it wasnt only cause of gavin, and i think this song makes that abundantly clear.

    have a fun “reunion”, “bush.” when no doubt comes back around – then you’ll see what a reunion really is!

  12. lamb83 says:

    The Sound of Winter is an amazing song!!! Wishing Bush all the best with their new album!

  13. Donald Escarcega says:

    inspiring and relative it is in the back ground as I write me first novel.

  14. Donald Escarcega says:


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