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Movie Beat 7/8/11 – Project Nim, Zookeeper, & Horrible Bosses

horrible bosses image Movie Beat 7/8/11   Project Nim, Zookeeper, & Horrible Bosses

Jason Sudeikis, Charlie Day, and Jason Bateman in Horrible Bosses

Three new movies of interest are out this weekend. One is in limited release and the other two are wide releases. Project Nim, Zookeeper, and Horrible Bosses are all in theaters today.


Project Nim:

This is in limited release, but I’ve been fascinated by this subject and this film since I heard it was being made. I can’t wait to see this movie. I will seek this out this weekend.

It’s a true story and is a documentary about the folks who got to work with Nim, a baby chimpanzee. This was in the 70’s and their thoughts were that if they raised this orphaned chimp and taught it sign langue, that it could assimilate into human culture.

It’s Planet of the Apes, basically, and is about the researchers, and sign language teachers, and caregivers of Nim (who is freakin’ adorable). The did teach him to sign and he could communicate. It’s a fascinating story. It is the 70’s so it’s got a bit of a hippie vibe to it. One of the caregivers even breastfed Nim.

It also seems like a pot-induced idea that someone had, but I’m fascinated. What tends to happen though, so no spoiler alert here, but when a chimp reaches maturity, it’s not quite the cute little adorable chimp anymore. Around five years old, people start ending up with scars and stuff, and I’m not effing around., so it doesn’t necessarily have a happy ending.


Kevin James is a zookeeper who, one night, says to the animals that he’s gonna quit because girls aren’t really impressed by zookeepers, and that he’s gonna find a more glamorous profession. The animals don’t want him to go, so they talk to him and tell him that they can secretly talk! The animals talk to the zookeeper! They talk to Kevin James! That’s the movie!

Did I mention that the animals talk to the zookeeper and teach him how to get a girlfriend? It’s like project Nim in reverse. They take in the zookeeper and teach him how to be an animal. I’m glad Joe Rogan got a paycheck for this film and I want him to do well, but it doesn’t mean I can say this looks good.

THE ANIMALS TALK TO THE ZOOKEEPER! That’s the premise of the film! When was the last time, after you were 8 years old, that talking animals were entertaining to you in a film??? What is wrong with the world??? Stop with the talking dogs and monkeys and bears! Why do they think we’re interested in more talking animal movies???

My pick of the week:
Horrible Bosses:

The only big movie this weekend that looks remotely funny to me is Horrible Bosses. Great cast – Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis.

It’s an interesting premise, that’s basically a take on an old Hitchcock film, Strangers On A Train, where two guys decide that they’re going to have each other kill the person they hate. There’s no other connection between them other than having been on the same train, so no one will put together that they killed the other person’s nemesis – the perfect alibi.

This is a comic take on that in which they all hate their bosses and decide to kill each other’s bosses, and there’s no connection between them and the other guys’ bosses, so it’s the perfect way to murder someone. The idea comes about when they meet Jamie Foxx in a bar, and he puts the idea in their heads.

This looks funny. The bosses are played by an equally funny cast – Kevin Spacy is the perfect “tool” boss. Colin Farrell (who I have kind of a problem with because they have him playing a dumpy bald guy rather than getting a bald actor for the role,) plays kind of a dick.

The third one in Jennifer Aniston, and the only real problem I have with this film is that the only reason she’s so horrible is that she’s smoking hot and wants to have sex with Charlie Day all day in the office. That’s not a horrible boss! That rings sort of untrue to me, but other than that it looks great. That’s my pick of the week.


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