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Tom Morello Releases New Nightwatchman EP In Support Of Unions

tommorello 385 Tom Morello Releases New Nightwatchman EP In Support Of Unions

Tom Morello at a RATM press conference // Photo: Cody Black

[pullquote quote=”While I’ve played hundreds of demonstrations, I’ve never seen anything quite like Madison.” credit=”Tom Morello”] Tom Morello was inspired by the site of 100,000 Wisconsin-folk hitting the streets to stand up against anti-union legislation that was being put forward by the state’s governor, so much as to write and record a new EP within days of the demonstration. “I was inspired by the solidarity of students, steel workers and firefighters of all ages, colors and creeds who had occupied the Capitol building,” says Morello.

Morello added, “…I was inspired by the fact that there was something in the air that made nurses, teachers, farmers and musicians realize that it was time to get off the sidelines and make history. I recorded the album in four days because I wanted to capture the energy I felt in the streets of Madison before my frostbitten fingers had thawed.”

Pick up your copy of Union Town EP here. All proceeds go to the America Votes Labor Unity Fund.

Also, Morello added that a new full-length Nightwatchman album World Wide Rebel Songs would be released later this summer, as well as a tour in support of it.


One Comment

  1. Mark says:

    ‘Eff the unions. Gee, how dare they be asked to contribute to their pension plans.. just like us private sector people do with our 401(k)’s etc. If you want to save revenue, don’t pay Union dues to corrupt leaders who just recycle that $$$ into stupid politicians who screw you over anyhow. We don’t want to support your retirement with our tax dollars, join the real world and stop bankrupting states and the country you greedy pigs.

  2. lungman says:

    working people bankrupting the states??? say what? an average 2-4% of state expendatures go towards wages/benefits for public service workers. most states it’s a whopping 2%. you ever think that if the politicos didn’t spend like drunken sailors, subsidizing the wealthy, most states wouldn’t be in the prediciment they are in? no just punish the working people, it’s the american way.
    just keep punishing the working person, i guess nobody wants a middle class in the US. just rich people and poor people. the politicos have bashers like ‘mike’ brainwashed with their free market ideologies. a pension and retirement aren’t worth fighting for, everybody wants to work till the day they die.
    you cluless bashers want unions destroyed, you want the middle class destroyed as well. what do you get when you have no middle class? a third world country, that’s what. unions have benefitted ALL working people, if you have no unions, well, welcome back to slavery. keep trampling on workers rights, revolution is what you’ll eventually get. world history PROVES this fact.
    you bashers need to educate yourselves on worker rights and the labour movement over the last 100 years, if you’re even capable of reading.
    ‘we don’t want to support your retirement with our tax dollars’
    nope we just want spend our tax dollars to buy more bombs, kill more innocent people around the world, create even more enemies, and use the rest to bail out crooked bankers and corporations. that’s what what you get when your country is run like a corporation. just punish the peasants, it’s all their fault.

    1. Mark says:

      blah blah blah.. You are a total anarchist with the ‘us vs them’ mentality. It’s people like you that divide the country where everything is either class or race warfare. Don’t you see the irony in a rich dude like Morello ‘fighting’ for the so called ‘poor working man.’ I am very much a middle class dude, I don’t need a corrupt union on my side. It sucks that a good teacher with 4 or 5 years of GREAT credentials and service is let go just because a union member with tenure and 15 of their last 20 years on the job being piss poor. This is why unions suck the life out of the working class.

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