happy birthday trez Happy Birthday Trent Reznor!

I remember the day, in fact the very second, that I fell in love with Nine Inch Nails. I was saved by “Down In It’.

A group of seniors in my school had invited me to go with them to their Grad Night at Disney. Disney was closed off at night and hundreds of kids that were graduating were allowed to run amuck in the park until 5am. It seemed like a great idea, so my then freshman ass said yes. “I would love to go” I said without hesitation.

Little did I know that these same seniors that had invited me to go with them to Grad Night and promised to take care of me and show me a good time, would all eventually agree to drop acid as soon as the buses pulled into the Disney parking lots. They forgot to mention the “we’re gonna do some LSD and lose are f**king minds so you’re gonna have to fend for yourself” part.

So after a while, when they lost their minds and their faces started melting off, I was left to fend for myself.

That is where Nine Inch Nails came in to save the day.

So there I am, at Disney, a place for children and families where dreams come true and everything is magic. I was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to concur the park with a bunch of people who I looked up to, at the time, but not for long. They were the cool seniors and I their freshman little sister who they had taken under their wing.

I was the envy of all my classmates. The only freshman invited to go on this trip.

It wasn’t easy getting my mom’s permission, but after a lot of begging and pleading, she begrudgingly let me go. She should have rethought that.

We get to Disney and about 5-7 buses from our school pull into the Disney parking lots, filled with a bunch of kids who wanted to get a little crazy with Mickey and Minnie. I was unaware that when they said they wanted to get “crazy”, they actually meant F**CKING CRAZY! As in clinically insane and somewhat psychotic.

These mother effers had all made a pact to drop acid the second that the buses parked, the only thing they forget to do was tell the little freshman girl. Me.

So we park, they drop, and the bus driver’s get on the loud speakers and announce that it would be another 30 minutes before any of us are allowed to get off of the bus.

All of a sudden there was wide-spread panic. These people started to melt down one by one. Maybe it was the fact that we were in a very confined space and they had just taken eaten a small piece of paper doused in double dipped blotter that made the walls start caving in on them, but whatever the case, the acid hit them fast and hit them hard. Great! Awesome. I thought to myself, “wow! I am epically screwed right now and I want my mom”.

Long story short, we got in the park and it was pretty much madness. Actual madness. It was like a big effing LSD tea party with the Mad Hatter at the head of the table and I got to watch from the outskirts of sanity.

This group of seniors that had promised to keep me safe were running around like a bunch of loons having conversations with bushes and petting their faces only to make sure they were still attached to their heads.

Finally, after they wrangled us back on the bus, they only safe haven I had was a Nine Inch Nails album. I had Pretty Hate Machine in my possession and so what’s a girl to do but press play? So that is exactly what I did. I pressed play.

I listened to “Down In It” 100 times. At least. It seemed to describe exactly what was going on around me and it was the only thing that made sense.

From that day forward, Nine Inch Nails has always been a safe haven, and one of the few things that makes perfect sense to me.

Trent Reznor just has a way of guiding my thoughts in a good direction. I get it.

So he has always been a huge hero of mine, an undeniable force, an inspiration, a motivator and let’s face it, a genuine bad ass.

Trent Reznor, for every album, every lyric, every project and every little thing you do… You are my hero. Thank you.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to Academy Award winning Trent Reznor.

46 never looked so good.

“Down In It”

An oldie but a goodie:

Comments (3)
  1. Antonio Ferrari says:

    without a doubt the best artist alive , have a good time Trent and keep us living and ispired by your music, for many, many years more , best wishes and thank you for saving all of us.

  2. RC2011 says:

    Happy birthday Trent you ROCK GOD!!!!! lol damm Nicole awesome story hope my Grad night is Insane like that next month 😉 Im be blasting some NIN también lol Survivalism on repeat!!!

  3. Jono says:

    That is the BEST high school story ever….

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