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KROQ Weenie Roast 2011 Tickets: Exclusive Street Team Ticket Onsale Details

post weenie20111 KROQ Weenie Roast 2011 Tickets: Exclusive Street Team Ticket Onsale Details

Exclusive ticket onsale for KROQ Street Team Members is this Thursday, May 5th at 12pm (PT) online at only.

  • Orchestra $75.00 + fees
  • Loge: $75.00 + fees
  • Center Terrace $75.00 + fees
  • Rear Side Terrace $55.00 + fees
  • Lawn $45.00 + fees

Limit 4 tickets per person, per credit card. 8 ticket limit for the lawn.

There will be a sweep of addresses and credit cards purchasing reserved tickets so if more than one person purchases on the same card or uses the same mailing address, only one order will be processed. This so more people can go to the show.

ADA/wheelchair accessible seats on sale at the same time. Call Verizon Wireless box office for more details.

presented farmerjohn 385 KROQ Weenie Roast 2011 Tickets: Exclusive Street Team Ticket Onsale Details


  • Will physical Ticketmaster locations be open for the KROQ Street Team onsale? No. Onsale tickets are available online only.
  • How many tickets can I buy? 4 ticket limit for reserved seats. 8 ticket limit for the lawn.
  • Can I pick my seat location? No. Ticketmaster gives you the best seats possible at time of purchase.
  • Are there different prices for different seats? Yes. See price list above.

KROQ Weenie Roast 2011 Charity Info.

KROQ Weenie Roast 2011 Lineup.

KROQ Weenie Roast 2011 Artist Spotlights.


One Comment

  1. Joyce with no tickets says:

    Lightning!…. Luck of the draw. I went on Ticketmaster today and got some tickets.First it gave me the option of Terr and then Lawn.Then after a few more sold out trys. Get this PIT TICKETS! Tell everyone to keep trying..No joke. How many people actually fit in the pit area? Seats or no seats? It’s GA.Good luck everyone:)

    1. Joyce with no tickets says:

      Refresh! This is Joyce with PIT tickets

  2. 311 Lover :) says:

    When will the set time’s be posted so I can know how late I need to go…. Bypass all the Crappy Bands…. As long as I’m there for Bad Religion

  3. April Venegas says:

    Good Afternoon!

    How/when will we be notified if we won tickets to the 2011 Weenie Roast?? will this also be posted online as well??

  4. blake says:

    Are lawn chairs and coolers allowed if we have lawn tickets?

    1. Kim says:

      Sorry, Blake, no lawn chairs or coolers are allowed into the venue, but you can bring a blanket. Get up to the lawn early enough to put your blanket out.

      1. Kim says:

        Blake ~ I’ve been working at the venue since 1990, and the only concerts where you can bring a cooler is the Pacific Symphony Orchestra………..Sometimes the venue allows each guest to bring a gallon ziploc bag filled with one sealed 16 ounce bottle of water, and some snacks. Call first, to make sure that this is one of those times!

  5. hbdiva says:

    what time does it start?

  6. ann says:

    Can I bring a digital camera?

    1. Lightning | says:

      A small one. No extended lenses.

  7. SM says:

    Is there a minimum age requirement to enter the show (are children allowed), and are there still lawn seats available?

  8. Manuel says:

    Where can i buy tickets? public?

  9. moni says:

    Why can I not get tickets!):

  10. Nicole Cipolla says:

    What are the guidelines as far as blankets? What are the cans and cants of this show at Verizon….I know it always changes.

    1. Blackout | says:

      We’ll post all of that info the week of the show, check back then!

  11. Tymree says:

    Hey Lightning!!! so im going by myself.. i bought a ticket.. if i were to show up at the KROQ stand, what could i do for you guys to help a sister out in seeing her TWO FAVORITE BANDS EVER (RISE AGAINST AND LINKIN PARK) from a better view than the terrace??? pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease help me out…

    1. annonymous says:

      this is a trick I use ALL the time and it always works.basically show up either in a wheelchair or you can show up in a knee brace with crutches and tell them you would like a handicapped seat cause you cant go up and down stairs. the handicapped seating at this particular venue is right behind the orchestra. thats my suggestion. that or just seat hop

      1. 311 Lover :) says:

        Is that why when I want to buy tickets there, or I already bought tickets and need to sit there and there is NO more seats because of people like you? You are such an A-Hole thanks again…….. I hate people like you!

      2. Tymree says:

        why didnt i think of that crap…thanks!! 🙂

      3. Kim says:

        They have less than 50 folding chairs that they set up next to the wheelchairs in the handicapped section. Now that you spread your little secret, Anonymous, if there is any justice, there will be no room for you and your stupidity!

      4. PugLover says:

        hey 311 lover… if you bought tickets for that section..shouldnt you NOT have a problem sitting there?? and KIM… im sure people do it al lthe time.. youre probably jus pissed you didnt think of it…

      5. Kim says:

        Hey Puglover ~ I’ve been working there since 1990……. where you sit, or whether or not security beats the hell out of cheaters, is of no concern to me. I’m there for the music, and the 2nd income. See you there!

      6. 311 Lover :) says:

        Not all the time, I tend to go late and Security gives my seats away, and NO I am not going to get there when it starts I don’t want to see all the Crapy Bands…. It’s Not cool that people want to sit there and they don’t need it and I do… I guess you’ve NEVER Heard of the Honor System Oh and you must be like What 12 years old?

  12. Maritza says:

    why can i not get tickets? did you guys sell out already?

    1. Lightning | says:

      Maritza, the tickets sold out two weeks ago.

      1. Tymree says:

        lightniiiiiing… im still waiting for your response to me =P even if its just a NO… haha.. RESPOND PLEEEEEEASE

  13. Jenn says:

    What time does it start?

  14. Kori says:

    Why won’t Ticketmaster let me buy tickets? Are they sold out already?!

    1. Lightning | says:

      Kori, the tickets sold out two weeks ago.

  15. ANGIE says:

    anyone know what time it starts and ends? 🙂

    1. Blackout | says:

      Doors are at 1 I believe and it’ll wrap up around 11.

  16. Aaaron says:

    Anyone looking for tickets? I got two tickets for sale
    Hit me up on facebook or email me at

  17. jennifer gomez says:

    are the irvine tickets sold out?

  18. Debbra says:

    Can you bring a pack back into the venue?

    1. Debbra says:

      I meant as BACK PACK

  19. Goddess says:

    What can we bring in to Weenie Roast ?

  20. Jaz says:

    What can we bring into Weenie Roast? (ie., food, water, etc.)

  21. Brittany says:

    Can all ages attend?

  22. jj says:

    Does anyone know the time slots for the bands yet??

  23. Tessa says:

    HI, where can I find the schedule of what time each band starts?

  24. AK says:

    I keep seeing tickets for the VIP lounge (or club pass) on sites like etc.. what is that exactly??

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