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KROQ Weenie Roast 2011 Details: Lineup, Tickets & Charity


One Comment

  1. A Fan of WEENIES says:

    Will there be mosh pits for all the bands?

    1. Blackout | says:

      That’s kind of up to the people in the pit…

  2. Jack says:

    anybody know if your allowed to come and go throghout the concert? go see first two skip next 3 then come back, would I be allowed to do that?

  3. figuring it out says:

    so how do you get a schedule of who’s playing at what time?

  4. Sick girl says:

    Social Distortion, new album this year and a hometown band. how could you not include them??

    1. sean primm says:

      hey Sick Girl, i Believe SD will be in Europe during the time of the Weenie Roast

  5. Blythe says:

    No Dirty Heads? Ah- well… Linkin Park, A Day To Remember, and Rise Against will do! 😀

  6. Mo says:

    So there is a side stage after all…Neon Trees, Airborne Toxic Event, Lykke Li, Foster The People & Young The Giant. The main stage seems a little scarce, doesn’t it? 12 bands total? Usually see at least 14(last three years). Though I miss the good ole years like in 97. If there is any year that has room for a “Surprise Band”, it’s got to be this year. Any guesses? Incubus? The Black Keys? Cake? Arctic Monkeys? Let’s do this KROQ!

    1. Javier Verdugo says:

      i heard it’s going to be The Foo Fighters

    2. Aj says:

      I agree. i was shocked at how little bands there were…. last years show was amazing. can we top that this year?

  7. L says:

    Please Please DO NOT put The Strokes on before Rise Against! It’s bad enough I had to see Bad Religion open for them last month, don’t let me see The Strokes open for them too! Please! Rise Against is not better than The Strokes or Bad Religion… Just saying.

  8. Angie says:

    What can I take and not take? Camera? Cigarettes? I have pit tickets and this is my first time at this venue. A little information on rules and regulations will be much appreciated.

    1. Blackout | says:

      We’ll post all that info a few days before the show. Check back then.

  9. Steve says:

    Is there going to be a side stage this year ? I know last year there was some sound problems. Why not just have all the bands play the main stage ? Save KROQ some money and donate more to the charities. Looking forward to an Amazing day.

  10. Danielle says:

    The Weenie Roast and it’s my birthday!!! Gonna be the best birthday party ever! In lieu of gifts, I’ll gladly accept free drinks or VIP passes! 🙂

  11. Jenny says:

    I need these tix! I have to get out of the armpit of CA (Bakersfield) for a fun day in the sun! Enough said right!?

  12. Amy says:

    i have 2 lawn sets for sale, email me your info to

  13. Ping says:

    Good line-up will this year’s weenie roast be webcasted?

    Has the time schedule came out yet? i would love to know what time does Rise Against goes on stage if it’s webcasted. So i don’t miss any second of it.

    1. Lightning | says:

      We’ll post the set times Tuesday. Yes, we will be webcasting the entire show right Herr at

  14. nancy says:

    i thought for sure FOO FIGHTERS would be there since dave was at kroq like every day

    1. geekleak says:

      Foo Fighters are the Special Guests. They will perform after Rise Against.

  15. michelle says:

    I LOVE BAD RELIGION! and Rise Against and Linkin Park!!!

  16. christian says:

    if anyone has pit tickets theyre willing to part with, lemme know

  17. Annalisa says:

    Stop hating people! It’s gonna be a fun time!

  18. jon says:

    Yawn…cage the elephant, rise against, and bad religion again??!!!!! C’mon how about some of the new bands like Middle Class Rut!!

  19. db says:

    anyone know where I can find info on what time the bands play and whether there is more than one stage. this is my first Weenie Roast so not sure how things are set up. thanks.

    1. Blackout | says:

      Hang tight, we’re posting all of that soon.

  20. sohail says:

    Lp always best on stage

  21. Javier Verdugo says:

    Just found out the suprise band will be The Foo Fighters!!!!

    1. Muffler says:

      I have heard other bands in the rumor mill, including: Incubus, Kings of Leon, Blink-182, and Flogging Molly. If I was a betting man, I’d say its Blink-182. They cancelled their “surprise” appearance at the 2009 Weenie Roast….we’ll see. I don’t have a preference, as long as they have a surprise band instead of a dreadful 80 minutes of Rise Against,.

  22. Kreep says:

    If BAD RELIGION just played all their old music It would then be a show to see!!

  23. esta says:

    what does face to face sing?

  24. Judith says:

    How early should I get in line?

  25. Aj says:

    I was kinda disappointed that Mumford and Sons isn’t going to be there. Im still siked to go!

  26. stroker says:

    Lykke Li? what happened?

    1. Lightning | says:

      She’s really sick and cancelling all of here shows, including ours. Bummer.

      1. stroker says:

        Aww man i hope she gets well soon.

      2. lostoul86 says:

        man that sucks i was looking forward to seeing her the most its why i bought the dam tickets =(

      3. lostoul86 says:

        r other bands gonna get a longer set now ? or are you adding a last minute band

  27. Gina says:

    let me know if u r interested let me know i have 2 tixs for sale $200 for both… terr 13 row bbb seats 7-8… email me @

  28. ANGIE says:

    will there be a replacement for lykke li?

  29. Britney says:

    what the heck happened to lykke li being on the lineup? she was one of the main reason i wanted to go!

  30. Fred says:

    The best band is on first. Get there early and do your self a favor. Do not Miss Young The Giant.

  31. Edwin says:

    I have an extra ticket in the lawn section.
    Will give it away if you can give us a ride to and from the concert.
    E-mail me at:

  32. may says:

    NOOOOO. I wanted to go for Lykke Li, she’s cancelled this show due to being sick or something. Get well soon but DAMNNNNN. 😦

  33. Stella says:

    Is there going to be a surprise appearance this year? I need to know!

  34. Anne says:

    -I have to give a shout out to the people in GA up in the lawn section who thought it was a fun idea to start camp fires by using plastic bottle as fuel. Thank you for making me gag due to toxic fumes. Wonderful idea! We all at the Weenie roast thank you!

  35. blogmafia says:

    Hi I’m Martin I follow your website in a while a really good job thanks.

  36. Chelle says:

    WTF?! Are more tickets not going to go on sale? I thought that was just the presale!

  37. John LaRocca says:

    The Briggs should be part of the 2012 Weenie Roast! They’re awsome.

  38. John LaRocca says:

    The Briggs should be at the next Weenie Roast

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