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Picture Of The Day: President Obama's Birth Certificate

president obamas long form birth certificate Picture Of The Day: President Obama's Birth Certificate



[photogallerylink id=104702]

[photogallerylink id=95588]

[photogallerylink id=90327]

[photogallerylink id=85294]


One Comment

  1. Bean is a Dip says:

    I don’t see where it says that Obama was born a Muslim? Which is why they had to cover it up for so long to manage a way to erase the religion category answer which would have angered middle America!

  2. MOFO says:

    This is a certificate of live birth…not a birth certificate. My grandma that was born in Mexico has one of these too!

  3. PixieMegh says:

    My question is, if it wasn’t a “big deal” and he had “nothing to hide” then why did it take 3 years into his presidency to produce said document? Since it was the 60s and he was unlikely to be on a plane at 2-3 days old, the Live Birth vs Birth Certificate thing is moot. I never truly believed he WASN’T born in the US, I just found it odd that NO ONE seemed to be able to prove it until now.

    1. peff says:

      But it HAS been proven.
      But people want to ignore the truth and facts if it affects their delusional, racist worlds. Why did it take so long? Because he knows, and most of us know, there is no satisfying the party of fear, racism, and hate. You see the cries of “fake” now. THAT’S why it hadn’t been released. Because there is no satisfying these people. Pretty soon they’ll be challenging Hawaii’s actual statehood.

  4. Chuck says:

    He was Barry not Barack when he was born,he changed his name to Barack in his teens! Suck it yourself!

    1. Chuck says:

      And also they used the word black or negro not African for fathers race. Kinda strange don’t you think?

      1. Rob G. says:

        Dude, it was the 60’s… people weren’t that sophisticated… except Don Draper of course.

  5. Chloe says:

    Who gives a flying f**k? It’s you idiots that are SO wrapped up in this sh*t and denounce everything Obama does that is making this Country a piece of sh*t. And it is you idiots that will probably vote for Trump, just to say you have a “Celebrity” President. Bunch of nimrods, probably voted for asswipe Bush too. (that is IF you even vote at all)

    1. Scott says:

      Where is Quagmire when you need him? I need the drop…. !

  6. Frankie D says:

    What does this have to do with rock and roll?

  7. wastedlife40 says:

    I am ashamed of this country, but not surprised by any means. The black man always has to go above and beyond in everything because white people can’t stand a black man’s success unless he’s entertaining them. This is something that should have NEVER had to happen. Hasn’t happened before, but most likely will again when Cory Booker becomes President!

  8. JohnTheRev says:

    Its fake just like that backpack video and Trump’s hair.

  9. Mike says:

    don’t you just love Photoshop………..

  10. Alex says:

    Dave, you are dumb. This isn’t the birth certificate all the crazy birthers like Trump are looking for. This is just a certificate of live birth, not the birth certificate.

  11. Chris says:

    Dave you suck it! This doesn’t prove anything. Obama is garbage and has made everything worse and you guys complain about Bush? Get out of here.. Can’t wait until 2012 when Obama is ousted.

  12. Forester says:

    where is the official seal? Shouldn’t this be a microfiche by now? Hospital Name has changed twice since he was born, the name is incorrect. Where is the birth certificate that lists his weight and gestation length? Where is his religion entered?

    1. Rob G. says:

      So the two year old state had adopted this practice?

  13. eff you idiots! says:

    The birth certificate, or long form, is the result of the original certificate of live birth prepared by the hospital in which the baby was born. It includes the baby’s name, the names of the parents, the doctors names, the name of the hospital, the sex and date of birth. The information on the long form is taken and entered into a database that produces a certification of live birth, which is what can be produced if the original birth certificate is lost.

    umm so there you go with that bit of info.. if you still think hes not a real U.S citizen and shouldn’t be president you are an idiot! he would have been taken out of the running before anything else. Bush didn’t win why did no one bug about that for years?? all of you idiots that think he was born in Africa belong on Beans Death Corner!

  14. lungman says:

    more proof that redneck rw racism still runs rampant in the US of A. watching all this from north of the border, people all over the world are absolutely shocked and most importantly disgusted and afraid of the ignorance of the birthers, tea party and the republicans. talk about giving your country a black eye for the rest of the world to see.
    a few years back the republicans had dozens of staffers working around the clock trying to dig up dirt on bill clinton. we all know what they came up with, and clinton ended up being crucified because he got a bj. bush, chaney, wolfowitz and rumsfeld started an illegal war by lying to congress and the american people, killed thousands of civilians, never mind US soldiers, and who got impeached for that?
    the desparation of the rw is nothing short of psychotic, and is embarassing your country to death while the rest of world is watching.
    i hope and pray the ignorant will get thier s*** together down there soon because their mentality is starting to rub off on alot of clowns up here in the great white north.

  15. Mark says:

    Don’t be gullible Dave, simply watch this:

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