sting Want To Meet Your Hero? Don't! They'll Probably Be A Jerk!!

This is how Sting feels about signing autographs. (Photo by Stephen Chernin / Getty Images)

Living in LA, a celebrity sighting is inevitable. We tend to build some of these people up in our heads to be super cool, but upon actually meeting them, that’s not so much the reality.

This topic came up because of a recent story in which a 12 year old boy was a fan of [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Sting[/lastfm], saw him leaving a Broadway play in New York, and went to ask for an autograph. The response from Sting was not an “I’m sorry, not today,” but instead he didn’t even acknowledge that he was Sting. He just said ”I’m some British dude.”

Ralph Garman told his story about a time when the late comedian, George Carlin, came by the studio.

carlin1 Want To Meet Your Hero? Don't! They'll Probably Be A Jerk!!

George Carlin (Photo by Stephen Chernin / Getty Images)

In between on air interview questions, Carlin would pick up a newspaper to read, and pay no attention to anyone. When Ralph asked him to sign his book for him, he took the book, signed it, and handed it back without even looking up. What a douche!


Most listeners that called in to share their stories of celebrity snubbing were similar. They’d approach a celebrity and be completely ignored. It’s like they weren’t even there. Then again, with some of our listeners, do you blame them?


Did you have a disappointing or just flat out rude celebrity encounter? Comment below.

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  1. Eddie Bower says:

    I met Paul Stanley at Staples in Studio City about a year ago. He is the coolest guy! I was totally tounge-tied… He saw that I was not doing very well, and tried to start a friendly conversation with me…. I just nodded in awe of his greatness… Held out my pen and paper….he signed and I left as fast as I could to catch my breath…awesome person.

  2. Edward says:

    1996 – Christmastime in the LBC. I waited in the rain outside of “The Warehouse” music store to get my copy of the Kevin & Bean Christmas album signed. When I finally met my “radio heroes”, I tried to pay Kevin a compliment but he gave me the finger… in front of a line of people! I was stunned. Bean kinda stuck up for me and told Kevin he didn’t have to be such a dick but Kevin didn’t care. Nice to know nothing’s changed. Kevin is still a dick. F-U Kevin.

    1. Rob G. says:

      @Edward, don’t feel bad. Kevin did the same thing to me about three years ago when KROQ was in the LBC at the Mai Tai Bar. I was working at the Hyatt where he was staying at, saw him stumble in after the event, saw he was hurting and said “Kevin. Sir do you need any help?” I got an evil stare, an FU, and the finger… yes, the Tri-Fecta of assholeness! On a side note, I met K&B at one of there Singles party where Kevin didn’t remember the incident and Bean hit on me… WTF?!? Conclusions: Kevin’s a DICK & Bean’s gay.

  3. Not Kevin says:

    I met Magic Johnson at a party. I told him “I…Uh…You’re great!”. It was the best moment of my life.

  4. Andi says:

    I went to go see 30STM and had a special ticket for a meet and greet after the concert. The concert was awesome but when I met him he was talking so much with the girl next to me that he just look my bag, autographed it without saying a word to me. His brother was the same. The only non conceded member was Tomo. I payed a lot for the ticket, to get my hair done and my clothes just to meet Jared and he was rude.

  5. Andi says:

    I met Martin Gore 2 years ago at a Killers concert. I found out Martin was by the bathroom and the moment he came out of the restroom I ran at him, shook his hand and took a picture with him… ah, great moment

  6. Reverend Justito says:

    To quote the great Josh Homme – “Don’t Act Cool, Be Cool.” When you see someone famous, let them do their thing. I have had the pleasure to run into Brian for SSPU, Nick Oliveri of Kyuss/QOTSA fame and Duff from G’n’R/VR fame lately. There is a moment, you see them, you kinda freak. They see you, know you notice them for who they are. You smile, perhaps a head nod and a glance that says, “Yes I know you and respect you, but I can see you are getting coffee or about to board a plane so I will leave you alone” and chances are they will smile. Celebs are people too, and one must assume they get harrassed all the time. So don’t be that dick.

  7. Justin says:

    I took 2 of my younger cousins to see Against Me! here in Cincinnati around 3 years ago. Both were super stoked to see their favorite band live. After the show they asked me if they could try and get an autograph, so I took them back behind the building where the bands came out. Tom and Warren were the first 2 out the door and could NOT have been more kind to them. Answering the same ole’ typical questions, I’m certain they hear at every show. They took the time to have a few photos taken with them, autographed their cds and politely said they had a long drive ahead of them to the next show. Very down to Earth.

    I personally have had the pleasure of meeting the guys in Face To Face after a show, as well as Trever after his solo show. True professionals. Trever was kind enough to BS with a few of us after his show while we all picked at him for hints of a Face To Face reuinion.

  8. Fabian says:

    Nick 13 from Tiger Army, He’s Not my Idol, But Im a HUGE Fan of them. This was at Warped Tour 2007, went up to him, he was by himself, walking around. so i go up to him, say hi to him, then i asked for a pix, he said “No, I’m Busy” and walked away.. and went to go talk to another fan.. F**k u nick!! LoL.. i still like them, but That was a douch move for a band thats not even that big..

    1. Ginger says:

      he’s known to be a douche! you’re right F— Nick!!! he’s not even THAT big, just has a huge EGO!

  9. Scott says:

    I was standing in line at a rental car location in Pittsburgh airport. I noticed that directly behind me stood Peter Falk. It’s my policy to not bother celebs, but he was standing right there. I said, “Hi Mr. Falk.” He ignored me with a huge vengeance. I can’t WAIT for that dude to F**KING DIE.

  10. Me says:

    Charlie Sheen did a line of coke off my ass, then slid a hundo bill in my starfish, just to be a nice guy. Think he’s getting bad wrap 😦

  11. Vinnie says:

    In 1997 I got to meet Bono. For all the grief this guys gets, it’s amazing how incredibly down to Earth he was. There was a group of about 15 fans who waited outside after the the PopMart concert at The Coliseum, and at 3-something in the morning, Bono exited and came over to us, talked briefly with us and signed autographs. Meeting him was an awesome experience, if for nothing else, to see how “regular” he was.

    In 2009, I got to meet Trent Reznor… again: as nice as could be. I’ve met a fair amount of KROQ artists (usually because of winning the opportunity to do so on KROQ), and the vast majority of them were cool (Depeche Mode, Adam Clayton from U2, Marilyn Manson, Hole, Offspring, Tom Morello…). One glaring exception: Third Eye Bland. Back when KROQ played them, I won tickets to their concert at the Uni-Amp and a meet-n-greet. Eve-6 was the opening band that night, and also took part in the meet-n-greet. After 3eb begrudgingly signed autographs for the people who wanted them, they briskly went back to the dressing room area. Then the Eve-6 guys came out to meet us and were awesome… sit down and have a conversation, easy going, pleasant to be around kind of guys.

    The ball and chain is a huge hockey fan, and we met Dustin Brown from the Kings at South Coast Plaza a couple years back… totally randomly, we were eating at the same restaurant. When he and his wife got up to leave I asked him for a moment so the ball and chain could drool over him. Both he and his wife were nice enough to talk to us for a minute.

    Not a celebrity by any stretch of the imagination, but I met Big Tad once… total d!ck. I’ve met a ton of KROQ people, and he was the only one who was rude… even Bean(!) was nice when I met him. KROQ people are either genuinely nice, or mayhaps they toke just enough to stay mellow.

  12. jc says:

    I met Tom linton from Jimmy Eat World. I saw him exit the tour bus to get to soundcheck before a show, and i said “Hi TOM!!!! can I get a picture with you??” .. and he says “uhhh… yeah” (but in a nice way).. and out came RICK, and I asked if i could have a picture with him too. So they both posed for a picture with me. I took the picture myself, so the angle was all awkward and half of Tom’s face was cut out of the picture 😦

    Then after the show a bunch of fans were surrounding them to get autographs and pictures.. Tom saw me and then he says to me “Hey! I saw you!” (i think he meant because i was in the front row).. and I was so speechless and shocked that he even noticed me that i just smiled and after a while said “…. thanks?”… that was very lame of me.
    But they seriously sign and take pictures with everyone. When I finally got closer to Jim Adkins, I asked “Can i take a picture with you??” .. and he spoke so softly and with kindness; even with all the crazy fans surrounding him, he takes his time to talk to each fan slowly as if they were the only one there (even if it was only for a minute or two). I was amazed at how nice they were. I am so glad I met them and seeing how nice they were made me like them even more!

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