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[WORLD PREMIERE] Face To Face "It's Not All About You"

facetoface385 [WORLD PREMIERE] Face To Face "It's Not All About You"

Formed in the desert city of Victorville, California, punk band [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Face To Face[/lastfm] rose to fame in the early 90’s with their hit “Disconnected,” which was coincidentally world-premiered on KROQ back in 1994.

After several years of touring and putting out albums, the band chose to split up ten years after their first KROQ radio hit in 2004. After a few years of rumored reunions, the band reassembled in 2008 with a show at the Glass House in Pomona.

Since then, the band has been busy playing a string of shows (including all of Warped Tour 2010) and has most recently been in the studio preparing to release a new album.

Today, we present to you the first single from the forthcoming album Laugh Now, Laugh Later, titled “It’s Not All About You,” which is the first bit of new music to come from the guys since 2002.

Led by front man Trever Keith, who is the band’s only original member, these guys are looking to make some serious noise in the coming months, with the album set to drop in late May.

The band’s current lineup consists of:

  • Trever Keith – vocals, guitar
  • Chad Yaro – guitar, vocals
  • Scott Shiflett – bass, vocals
  • Danny Thompson – drums

Face To Face will also be releasing a split album with [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Rise Against[/lastfm], although no release date has been disclosed yet.

Face To Face – “It’s Not All About You”


albumart [WORLD PREMIERE] Face To Face "It's Not All About You"


One Comment

  1. Cris Cazor says:

    They r so simple, I really enjoy their songs, always with that melodic punkrock i luv!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Bo says:

    Yes!!! Put into rotation now! Welcome back FtF!

  3. frank says:

    such a great band

  4. Cam says:

    f**k yeah F2F

  5. Some punk rock girl says:

    The who’s who of punk rock?? Face to face is more punk than Fat stupid mike and nofx, and mcr isn’t punk..c’mon kroq.

    1. Lightning | says:

      You’re right. MCR is not punk. That sentence has been removed.

    2. Seb says:

      We don’t care about who is more punk than who ! Fat Mike have inspire many many band of the punk scene. Don’t be jaleous of that.

  6. Paul says:

    Hearing this was the highlight of my day!!! One of my All-Time favorite bands!! I’ve been waiting years for these guys to get back together and put out a new record!! Love it!! Get this on the radio and keep the requests coming!!

  7. Daniel Ferro says:

    To tão feliz que escrevo em português mesmo! FODA-SE !!! PORRA! MÚSICA FODA!

  8. Me not you says:

    I am glad these guys continue to give us some of the best music ever. Face to face has been a favorit of mine for a long long time

  9. Gustyen Jenkins says:

    Unbelievable! I STILL have a hard time comprehending that they’re back! May 7th here in the Cincinnati area can’t get here quick enough!
    Greatest band on earth hands down!

  10. musicforjen says:

    I just love these guys…

  11. Abner says:

    F yeah!

    Maybe use a band picture that is less than a decade old and actually contains the current lineup, though.

  12. punkaugereau says:

    Hell yeah, I have been waiting for this a loooong time.

  13. Luis Z says:

    Can’t wait to see them tour with Strung Out. Two of my favorites.

  14. Dick says:

    Yes! Face to Face – amazing.

    Good on you KROQ.

  15. miki says:

    the song is ok/good, i just hope they really get some straight forward darker punk rock tunes on this album…

  16. Shinnosuke918 says:

    Damn! This is old-school FTF!!! Can’t wait to see ’em!!

  17. Posikid93 says:

    oh god, SO awesome. I can’t wait for the Chicago show!!!!!!!

  18. laethyn says:

    “After several years of touring and putting out albums, the band chose to split up ten years after their first KROQ radio hit in 2004.”

    This sentence makes it sound like they had their first kroq radio hit in 2004. 10 years after that, they split up.

    Anyways, huzzah! Face to Face (along with Ten Foot Pole) took up a whole lot of my music listening when I was a teen. And this track sounds more like their older stuff than the later releases. Looking forward to the end of May!

  19. Andrew says:

    Favorite band of all time. Got tickets to see them in a few months. Can’t wait for the new album/tour.

  20. matt camaleon says:

    wooooooooowwwwwww!!! cant wait!

  21. chris niemann says:

    oh hell yeah cinco de mayo in Chicago sweet

  22. Pete says:

    KROQ needs to put this song in HEAVY rotation immediately…………it ROCKS!!!

    KROQ should actually add more punk to the playlist overall: new tunes from F2F, Dropkick Murphys, Bad Religion, Against Me, Alkaline Trio, Bouncing Souls, Anti-Flag, Black Pacific, NOFX, Flogging Molly, Rancid (how was there not a second and third single from Dominoes?)

  23. anna says:

    AMAZING FACE TO FACE!they are going better and better by every day and i just cant wait for this new album to be released i wait u with all my lungs F2F 😀

  24. T.J. says:

    Favorite band of all time. Got to meet Trever, he’s a class act.
    Punk’s NOT dead…

  25. Alan says:

    I was a little worried their new stuff wouldn’t measure up, but after hearing this song and should anything go wrong I’m stoked for the new album!

  26. Kevin says:

    Was so stoked to see this on KROQ’s front page. Now put this in regular rotation already so people don’t think F2F was a one-hit wonder!

  27. liquiddamushroom says:

    old school!!! …:D

  28. Jon says:

    Heavy rotation plz?

  29. JOsue says:


  30. Five.Bolt.Main says:

    badass song! Love Face to Face!

  31. Bob Noonan says:

    Fantastic! Can’t wait for the new album- keep up the great work guys…great to see you all back at it again.

  32. dan says:

    Music like this should always have a place on the radio.
    Face to Face, Strung Out etc…don’t get enough airplay on the radio.

  33. Brian says:

    I remember being 11 years old and hearing “I won’t lie down” on KROQ. The flood gates of punk were opened from that point. Thanks, KROQ.

  34. mackoy says:

    que chimba de cancion con su toke punk rock viva el punk rock

  35. Michelle Lea says:

    So Rad !!! I can not wait to see these guys in Atl Ga on the 26th !!!

  36. Crany says:

    Brilliant Album, didnt like it at first, but now I think its a brilliant piece of PUNK!

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