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nicolegnomes Goodbye LCD Soundsystem, Thanks For The Memories!

Sometimes, when I want to dance around my house with my gnomes, all I have to do is put on LCD Soundsystem.

In just a few days, I’ll be hopping on a plane and heading to New York City to attend LCD Soundsystem’s very last show ever at Madison Square Garden. I do so with a heavy heart and with my dancing shoes packed and ready to for some action.

I have no clue what’s behind James Murphy’s decision to call it quits, but I know one thing, come Saturday night at Madison Square Garden, I will see the band off with an arsenal of dance moves that even I don’t know I have. I’m going to break dance, interpretive dance, square dance, pole dance, salsa, rave, krump, shake what my mama gave me, whip my hair, do the lawnmower, AND the dougie, like it’s my last day on Planet Earth the night before the apocalypse.

LCD Soundsystem, let’s do this!

Honestly, I can’t thing of one good reason why LCD Soundsystem should bid adieu to the world. Not one. They’re only three albums in and standing proudly upon an impressive peak, a spot which they have more than earned and time and again, have proven they deserve to stand atop of. They have consistently kicked ass.

First with LCD Soundsystem, then with Sound of Silver, and most recently with This Is Happening.

Besides their three stellar albums, LCD have countless other offerings that have moved their legions of fans to levels of sonic bliss where dance trances testify on behalf of their collective efforts as pied pipers.

It’s a f*cking party when LCD Soundsystem is involved. The kind of party where no one is allowed to have a bad time. In fact, you couldn’t if you tried.

PAGE 2 I’m a rocker, but now love elecronica?

Now dance/electronica has never really been a big part of my life until recently.

I had my feet so firmly planted in rock music, that the thought of going to a show where people dance and don’t wear all black while pumping their middle fingers in the air, was a foreign concept to me.

I went to shows to yell at God and get bloodied up in violent mosh pits. To me, THAT was a good time.

Then, LCD Soundsystem came into my life. They were what sparked the change in me.

LCD music made my angst wanna dance and celebrate the ironies and the ridiculousness of life. It was a bit of fun with punk sensibilities and a different perspective on human emotions. Deep thoughts with a carefree attitude and an all knowing grin. Life made simple with some infectious melodies and a dash of snark.

PAGE 3 I’m a now a dancing fool.

So James Murphy, I hate you for leaving me, but I will forever cherish the love affair that made me a dancing fool.

Furthermore, how can I not respect a band that chooses to go out on top. That takes some balls and speaks volumes on the type of musical character that made LCD Soundsystem songs, the kind of songs life can put on when it doesn’t want to take itself too seriously.

tumblr lh5k0yhixf1qhny4wo1 500 Goodbye LCD Soundsystem, Thanks For The Memories!

So here’s to you LCD Soundsystem! You have always been a constant breath of fresh air.

lcd msg poster 452 1 Goodbye LCD Soundsystem, Thanks For The Memories!

LCD Soundsystem will be live streaming their very last show ever on Saturday, April 2nd 2011 via

james murphy lcd soundsystem01 website image vngl standard Goodbye LCD Soundsystem, Thanks For The Memories!

Two more of my favorites:

See what else is on Nicole’s mind.

Comments (3)
  1. TDS says:

    Personally I like the Muppet version of Dance Yrself Clean

    And Drunk Girls

  2. Tuesday Sweeney says:

    I’m going to miss this band.

  3. Reverend Justito says:

    Hope you have a blast Nicole. Curious if you read James’ blog post in regards to scalpers getting most of the tix to this show, and what your thoughts on that are.

    Link included in the event you didn’t see it.

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