Ten Reasons To Vote For Mike Catherwood On Dancing With The Stars

America needs Mike Catherwood. It just doesn’t know it yet.

Mike is the real deal. He’s like a virus that needs to be unleashed upon millions of unsuspecting Americans.

You know him.  There’s no BS with Mike. He’s just a dude that you can relate to. He’s not some Hollywood star born and bred to be a celebrity. Mike stands out because he’s one of us. From struggling musician to KROQ intern, to morning show assistant, to Loveline co-host to national TV guy… What you see is what you get. Mike is the real deal.

For us, this is personal. That’s why we want your votes.

We’ve listed ten reasons to vote for Mike on Dancing with the Stars, as well as all the voting info you’ll need to help Mike move on week by week.

Reason #10 – If Kelly Ripa loves Mike, so should you.


If America’s sweethearts, Kelly Ripa and Brooke Shields, love Mike, so should you. It was clear that Kelly and Brooke were completely smitten with Mike. It was like watching two school girls fall head over heals for the new kid in school.

Think we’re kidding? Just watch the opening sequence of Live with Regis & Kelly when Mike filled in.

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Reason #9 – Puppies


Chicks love a guy with puppies. And, Mike’s got plenty of them.

Reason #8 – Justin Beiber?


You’ve gotta give it to Mike. He exercised Superman-like restraint, keeping him from choking out Justin Beiber.

Reason #7 – Mike is a man’s man.


Mike understands people. He also understands hard work and perseverance. Not only does he train for his own personal well-being, but he also works with elite athletes.

Watch as he gives The Kevin & Bean Show’s Dave the King Of Mexico three hard-core, or shall I say, soft core, training sessions to get him in shape for a Nike-sponsored marathon. (Note: The videos get progressively more homoerotic)

Reason #6 – Lewd drawings?


Much like Jimmy Kimmel, Mike never misses an opportunity to draw a penis. Even if it’s on the cast of his mother’s broken arm.

Reason #5 – A banana hammock.


Mike’s got body issues. Well, actually, he’s got a lot of issues. But one of the biggies is how he perceives his own physique.

Although we gave him a rash of sh*t for getting up on stage in nothing more than a banana-hammock, he does deserve some credit for dealing with his issues head on, and, be willing to get clowned by everyone for it.

Reason #4 – The Situation


Mike is funnier than the people he pretends to be. Case in point: Gene Simmons and The Situation.

Reason #3 – A steamy set.


[pullquote quote=”We definitely have a connection whether we either want to admit it or not.”]Mike already appears to be heating up more than just the dance floor.

According to RadarOnline, “We definitely have a connection whether we either want to admit it or not…but right now I think we’re just focused on the show and trying to get that done and hopefully not get voted off,”  Lacey says with a smile.

“You know, I don’t know, here’s the thing…he flirts all the time, however, he has a girlfriend and I’m fully respectful of that…and we’ll see what happens, whatever, you’re getting me all flustered!”

But she admits they have the right chemistry.

“We’ll see, we’ll see…yeah, he’s a great guy and I think we would make a great couple, however, that’s not the situation right now and we’re definitely not focusing on that.

American, it looks like Mike’s gonna give us some drama.

Reason #2 – Ballroom dancing.


It takes a giant set of cojones to ballroom dance, live, on national TV, especially when you have no dancing experience at all.

For proof on his inability to dance, go back in time with us. Watch when Mike and Omar participated in Thrill The World; the international attempt to break the record for most people dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

#1 Reason to vote for Mike.


Get a good look at him.

Doesn’t he look like he could be our next president?  How awesome would it be to have a president that farts on his interns and sings in a metal band? America, tonight is your chance to practice voting for Mike. First step, Dancing with the Stars, next step, turning the White House brown.

Please blast every one of your Facebook friends and Tweet up a storm. Let’s all vote to keep Mike on Dancing with the Stars.


If you have more questions about voting, hit ABC’s Frequently Asked Questions page.

Now vote vote vote!

Can Mike actually dance? Well… Watch this.

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