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Tom Brady + Ponytail = ???

bradyhair Tom Brady + Ponytail = ???

Last year’s unanimous choice for the NFL‘s Most Valuable Player award was Tom Brady, quarterback of of the New England Patriots. Tom is also married to Giselle Bundchen one of the hottest supermodels to ever strap on the Victoria’s Secret Angel Wings.

One might think that Tom’s credentials as a man are fairly secure based on those two things. One would be wrong.

Wait until you see the video of Tom “dancing” at Brazil’s Carnival festival this weekend. And his ridiculous ponytail.

Here’s the video. White man really, really can’t dance.

And did you peep out the hair? A couple of months ago Brady was trying out the Bieber look, now he seems to want to be Antonio Banderas. Ladies? Gays? Is a ponytail acceptable, even if you are famous, in 2011?


One Comment

  1. LazyDave says:

    The ponytail is bad enough. Any guy who “dances” with his hands up in the air is flat out gay. End of discussion.

    1. LCMC says:

      DUDE… he is nailing GISELLE… check the homophobia!

  2. Gina says:

    HELL NO!!! not even artist…. that is so gay….sorry but not on the tail…. if guys want long hair they need to stay away from the tail…

  3. Matt says:

    General Rule of thumb, never trust a guy with a pony tail… hasn’t failed me yet

    1. bbwraven says:


  4. melissa says:

    ok morning show. tom brady, hot, but totally gay. wow moves like that only come from a gay dude trying to be straight. lmao.

  5. maggie says:

    the guy form korn had breads and he was hot!!!!!!!

  6. Julia says:

    ORLANDO BLOOM. only guy who can pull off a ponytail.

    1. doorofhorn says:

      Yeah because Orlando Bloom is the epitome of masculinity right?

      1. WalingDolphin says:

        The argument is whether guys can or should wear ponytails not “are ponytails masculine?” Go fail somewhere else.

  7. Kendry says:

    Jesus never wore a pony tail. Enough said.

  8. jennifer says:

    My dad on occasion will grow his hair out and put it in a ponytail and it is embarrassing!! And yes he is pretty bald on the top of his head. Really, for me, Brandon Boyd and Johnny Depp should be the only dudes who should be allowed to rock the ponytail. Tom Brady, stop the douchbagery and cut your Damn hair.

  9. bbwraven says:

    makes his eyes look small and too close together. Shaggy is good but this is not.

  10. chad says:

    Love me some Kevin and bean! Especially when hanging billboards!

  11. REEEF says:

    show me Giselle’s BOOBZ!

  12. Pookie says:

    Tom Brady is hot no matter what kind of haircut he has! Dancing like that in Brazil for Carnival is acceptable but perhaps no where else.

  13. john81 says:

    He’s f**king g*y and his marriage to his bomb shell wife. He’s a girl himself. I’ll take his wife.

  14. Sini says:

    Moss was right when he said Brady should cut his hair cause he looks like a girl haha

  15. sam says:

    he looks like such a f*g!!! what was goin on with that dance? he looked like a tijuana hooker trying to get a customer with those moves.

  16. Chris says:

    Anyone else find this ironic coming from pig tail school girl Bean?

  17. says:

    Tom brash is the man. He can pull off anything.

    And pony tails aren’t that bad either, geesh

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