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Maybe Eric Clapton Killed A Guy

claptonlaundry Maybe Eric Clapton Killed A Guy

In between all their Charlie Sheen coverage the past week, might have broken the biggest celebrity story of the year.

One of their guys spotted guitar rock god Eric Clapton in a Southern California laundromat washing, drying, and folding his own clothes.

How? Why? Whaaaaaaat? If Clapton has a place in L.A., he would have his own washer and dryer. If he doesn’t, then he would have the hotel where he’s staying take care of it. Right?

Well, now there are several theories racing around the internets (including mine that Slowhand might have needed to launder some bloody clothes to keep the evidence hidden.)

Think my “covering up a dead hooker’s murder” theory is crazy? It is. But this guy suggests either the real Eric Clapton has been replaced by a robot (like Jesus prophesied) or that the photo’s publication is a signal to a sleeper cell somewhere else in the world that it is time to put the next phase of their plan in effect.

Okay, what do you think is REALLY going on?


One Comment

  1. Bean is a Dip says:

    If Kevin and Bean knew ANYTHING about pleasing the wife-it is this! Sometimes a GOOD HUSBAND will offer to do the laundry so the wife can relax a spell! Just saying…

  2. kenrick says:

    maybe he had a case of the fear, no reason to ruin his washer with that…

  3. Phil says:

    Oh man, screw looking up Eric Clapton and TMZ…
    I gotta go Google that guy! What did he say after he came back? This guy is the prophet!

  4. Crystal says:

    I think he’s just a guy with a lot of fame and money, but generally lonely so he takes pleasure in visiting Laundry mats.

  5. Crystal says:

    Oh, also forgot to mention – If he killed someone, why would he wash the clothes? He’d get rid of it somehow instead. Burn it maybe? Forensics can still collect DNA from washed clothing, blood stains.

  6. Tanya says:

    How about he cheats on his wife and needs to wash his clothes at the laundromat to hide it?

  7. Edgealina says:

    I think it has to do with the “Royal Wedding”…

  8. I just watched that episode 🙂 didnt they talk about it and say he liked doing stuff like that because it made him feel like a regular guy? I think thats all it was..Eric Clapton is to badass to do his own killing..come on..he’d hire someone if he wanted them taken out.

  9. Deb says:

    Yu guys are sick come on we all know he was tie dying
    A t shirt for tonites gig , didn’t wanta mess up
    His machine !

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