travis sitting 385 [World Premiere] Travis Barker "Saturday Night" ft. The Transplants & Slash

While I already had the chance to listen to [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Travis Barker[/lastfm]’s upcoming album, Give The Drummer Some, most people haven’t heard anything from it besides the first two released tracks “Can A Drummer Get Some” and “Carry It,” which both feature a slew of hip hop artists.

Today, Travis decided to send over one of the few KROQ-esque tracks that made the album, called “Saturday Night,” which features [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]The Transplants[/lastfm] and [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Slash[/lastfm], to Stryker for an exclusive KROQ world premiere. If you’re unaware, The Transplants are one of Barker’s side projects involving Tim Armstrong of [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Rancid[/lastfm] and their longtime friend Skinhead Rob.

The song has a very different sound than what you may be expecting, but the Spanish-style guitar noodling of Slash in the background mixed with the vocals of Armstrong and Rob actually works very well together. Give it a listen after the jump, you’ll be glad you did.

travistwitter [World Premiere] Travis Barker "Saturday Night" ft. The Transplants & Slash

twitterstryker1 [World Premiere] Travis Barker "Saturday Night" ft. The Transplants & Slash

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Give the track a listen and let us know what you think in the comments section.

Travis Barker – “Saturday Night” ft. The Transplants & Slash


Like what you’ve heard so far? Pre-order Give The Drummer Some, due out March 15th on Amazon.

Some instant feedback on the song:

@gigglesesp: @kroq @transplantsband @travisbarker awesome song!!! Loved it! Can’t wait for @travisbarker ‘s new cd!
@DavidOjeda182: Yo just heard saturday night from the Transplants on @kroq yo @travisbarker that sh*t was dope i love the track homie
@transplantsband: Thank you @TedStryker & @kroq! #SaturdayNight #GiveTheDrummerSome
@Diazorn201: Great song! @kroq saturday night by the @transplants was so good
@billybsk: listenin to @transplantsband right now on @kroq !! good shit #saturdaynight
@JVP_CRTS: Just caught a new sick @transplantsband song on KROQ. #saturdaynight

cover revision [World Premiere] Travis Barker "Saturday Night" ft. The Transplants & Slash

Give The Drummer Some Official Track List:

  1. “Can the Drummer Get Some” ft. Lil’ Wayne, Rick Ross, Swizz Beatz & The Game
  2. “If You Want To” ft. Pharell & Lupe Fiasco
  3. “Carry It” ft. RZA, Raekwon & Tom Morello
  4. “Knockin'” ft. Snoop Doog, Ludacris, E-40 & Dev
  5. “Jump Down” ft. Cool Kids
  6. “Devil’s Got A Hold of Me” ft. Slaughterhouse
  7. “Let’s Go” ft. Lil Jon, Busta Rhymes, Twista & Yelawolf
  8. “Saturday Night” ft. The Transplants & Slash
  9. “Cool Head” ft. Kid Cudi
  10. “Raw Sh*t” ft. Tech N9ne & Bun B
  11. “Just Chill” ft. Beanie Sigal, Bun B & Kobe
  12. “Beat Goes On” ft. Cypress Hill
  13. “On My Own” ft. Corey Taylor (Deluxe Edition Only)
  14. “Don’t F*ck With Me” ft. Paul Wall, Jay Rock & Korrupt (Deluxe Edition Only)
  15. “City of Dreams” ft. The Clipse & Kobe (Deluxe Edition Only)
  16. “Misfits” ft. Steve Aoki (Deluxe Edition Only)

Listen to “Can The Drummer Get Some” and “Carry It,” watch the video for “Jump Down,” and check out some Q&A with Travis at the link below:
[Review] Travis Barker’s “Give The Drummer Some” Listening Party, Q&A Session, Track List

Comments (38)
  1. richard says:

    love me the transplants – wish travis would just record a new record with them – instead of trying to be all jay z!

  2. chris says:

    he is recording a new cd with the transplants so far he said they have about 15 songs already finished.

  3. chris says:

    just heard the song. definately not what I was expecting but it sounded really really good. I just got stoked for the new album

  4. Juvy says:

    Love Travis Barker, love the Transplants…can’t wait for this album!

  5. mike says:

    Can’t wait for the Transplants album and this song is making me even more excited for it. Such a chill song.

  6. Michael says:

    I was hopin there would be a blink song on his album, like he said before……..;(

  7. Bo says:

    cool song. Keep in rotation.

  8. Anthony says:

    I Can’t Wait For a new Transplant Album! I’m a Huge Tim Armstrong Fan! He’s the GodFather of Punk Rock!

    1. Nick says:

      The Godfather of punk? Are you stupid?

  9. Roxxy! says:

    Tim Armstrong is sick…. I hope the Transplants bring out a new album!… Love the song!

  10. franeelia says:

    when will transplants new album is gonna be out?? they said this year, but when??

  11. oneloverocks says:


  12. damn says:

    damn f**king awesome transplants rule! the track is amazing they should hurry with the new album cant waiT! and come to sweden

  13. mariana says:

    transplants plus slash = great music

  14. tabs says:

    awesome! i love it. now i wanna move to cali. 😀

  15. Justin says:

    I love singers who can’t hold tunes (Or don’t even try to?) and the hiring of a single talented person to try and make up for what this music obviously lacks, which is style, quality and a decent melody. Sure it has a hook, but is that what you people really want to listen to? A hook for 3 1/2 minutes, then that’s it?

  16. steven says:

    dam dope jam cann’t wait for the album to come out

  17. Sloppy Joe says:

    i hate to be a negative nancy but damn, this is terrible repetitive & terrible. …none the less, im stoked for “cool head” feat. kid cudi!

  18. Marco says:

    I like the vocals, The Transplants should make another album

  19. Briana says:

    pretty cool….but not what i expected haha

  20. michael z. says:

    that song sucks ass!!!!!!!

  21. L says:

    Sounds like a Dwarves rip Off to me 😦

  22. Sarah Luck says:

    The new albums amazing but I’m way more into the way Rob raps in the old transplants CDs. Like he’s gonna kill a $&@!

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