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K&B Podcast Thursday February 17th: Who Cares About The Royal Wedding?

prince william kate middleton 385 240 K&B Podcast Thursday February 17th: Who Cares About The Royal Wedding?

Kate Middleton & Prince William

On today’s Kevin & Bean Show: Who really cares about the Royal Wedding? Sylvester Stallone likes to paint, K&B’s Citizen of the Day, Watson the Jeopardy computer, Dr. Drew, Do It Yourself Medical Care and more.



One Comment

  1. Matthew says:

    Kate’s pretty hot…however I still don’t care.

  2. ruben says:

    God damn you king of Mexico, you have the simplist job on earth! Down load the thing on to the other thing, but you can’t even do that right!!!!! Take a computer course at the learning anex and figure out how to get this done. Damn it, you give real hard working mexicans a bad name!

    1. ruben says:

      Well hell its working now, you’re still lazy though dave.

  3. lostsoul86 says:

    did anyone else notice how raplh couldnt say most of the words correctly during the final show biz bit

  4. Mark, London says:

    The only reason why we’re excited about the wedding across the pond is because we get a day off…

    1. doorofhorn says:

      Unless you’re like most Londoners who don’t have a job in which case everyday is a day off.

  5. MiKE G says:

    Not my chair, not my problem! No Way!

  6. MiKE G says:

    No Way! Not my chair, not my problem!

  7. burndownradio says:

    KOM – Psycho Mike needs a fresh coffee stat.

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