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snapz pro xscreensnapz0064 You Know The Old Joke "I Went To A Fight and a Hockey Game Broke Out?"

I know I’m in the minority because I LOVE hockey, but in the last few games between the New York Islanders (28th in the league) and the Pittsburgh Penguins (4th), there have been so many all out brawls, it looks like the NHL has partnered with the UFC.

The problem is that most fights only involve two players, which seems boring for all the other players on the ice. I think the Islanders and Penguins are to be congratulated for including every player on the ice INCLUDING the goalies when they fight. We could all learn a valuable lesson from these teams. It’s not cool to make people feel left out when you’re having fun.

In this game there were 346 penalty minutes, 10 ejections, 15 fighting majors (5 minute penalties) and 20 misconducts (kicked out of the game and subject to further punishments by the league). Watch what happened here:

Here’s more:

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  1. NC says:

    to the broad that was on the air this morning: how many fights have you been in? on the ice? it is EXTREMELY tiring, and does act as a “release valve” because I no longer have the urge to fight after getting punched in the head a few times. Hockey is perfect the way it is, and the only thing wrong is people like you who want it be some other sport. it’s hockey. don’t like it? don’t watch!

    1. SMC says:

      You realize that Helene Elliot(today’s guest) is in the Hockey Hall of Fame? Just throwing that out there.

    2. Skye says:

      Thank you, SMC. Also, FYI, the term “broad” is super derogatory. I’m just saying.

  2. Hurricane says:

    the Boston/Montreal 8-6 shoot out the other nite was GREAT…sticks, gloves and helmets all over the ice, and yes, a goallie fight

  3. Louie says:

    huge hockey fan myself(GO KINGS) and i’m sick of how this argument comes up every time there’s a fight or two on the ice. inevitably there will be dozens of anti-fighting articles and polls asking whether or not fighting should be banned from hockey. most of the people writing those articles and making these polls are not even hockey fans or hockey writers. they just take the opportunity to get their names out whenever there’s a hot topic. Helene Elliot is different, she’s been a sports/hockey writer in LA for years now and her opinion is more educated than others i’ll admit. these brawls friday night started a week ago when players on the Penguins bench were laughing their asses off after their goalie knocked out the Islanders goalie. players remember that and they do not like being disrespected that way. i just wish it were their starter in net when all the shit went down instead of the back up goalie. Fleury was the one laughing the most at that incident a week ago. he needs to be brought down a notch or two.

    in any case, fighting is a way for players to keep each other in check on the ice and the league is already doing entirely too much to curve it. its because of all the rule changes since the early 90’s that dirty hits/players have become more and more the norm in the league. they have slowly taken the ability of players to exact their own form of discipline on the ice after someone gets out of line. the league wants to hand out suspensions or fines for dirty hits which is fine, but players need be held accountable and know they cannot do that on the ice without having to answer to someone for it.

    i’m not a Ducks fan, but i like the style of hockey they play. its tough, hard nosed, bare knuckle, take no shit from anyone hockey. thats the way it used to be, thats the way it should be!

  4. kevin says:

    as an islander fan i was stoked to see all the fights. hey they needed to get back at the pens for depietro getting hurt

  5. Yvonne says:

    I’m with Kevin, THAT WAS AWESOME!!!

  6. Mark says:

    The stage was set in the prior matchup when Max Talbot took a cheap shot to the head of Islander, Blake Comeau and gave him a concussion. Then when the Islander goalie DiPietro fought the Pens much bigger goalie Johnson, Marc Andre Fleury was seen laughing on the bench because Johnson broke DiPietro’s face with one punch. Lemiuex is a hypocrite because he has cheap shot artists like Matt Cooke, Talbot and even Crosby throws the occassinal slew foot. So the Pens lead the league in fights because everyone goes after their players after their cheap shots or runs at their players. Lemiuex is just trying to deflect attention of his teams crappy play of late due to a ton of injuries, no more, no less. Or if he truly felt the way he did, he would send Matt Cooke to the minors. He’s been slapped on the wrist by the NHL many times for his dirty hits.

  7. Jennnnifer says:

    Penguins fan! Wooo! I love my Penguins!

  8. NG says:

    i think i LOVE hockey now X-D

  9. Jill says:

    this needs to happen more often. i would love to be at a kings game and this happened. the only thing better than this was when it was free hat night at a kings game and Pavol Demitra got a hat trick. you could imagine how many hats where on the ice that night. nobody really wanted that hat anyways, it had a stupid McDonalds logo on the back.

  10. Lars in Denmark says:

    Last night I went to a fight, and a hockey game broke out….

    …very old saying…….so where’s the news in this? It’s been like this for ages, and is a part of hockey. It’s not like every game is like this…..just every once in awhile.

  11. Eric says:

    nowthat was an ol school hockey game…… GO RED WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. lungman says:

    hockey is THE best team sport on the planet, period! good to see that ‘old time hockey’ again.
    and those winey sucks that don’t like the fighting, don’t watch. stick to figure skating.

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