[Video] Loveline’s Mike And Drew On Last Night’s Bachelor

The focus of last night’s episode of The Bachelor was a group date/excursion to the Loveline Studios.

Mike and Drew chat with Brad Womack and his gaggle of girls to dig deeper into their pasts to help Brad better understand who might be his soul mate. It funny to see how they turned down the studio lights to change the mood. Drama, is clearly what they’re going after and Mike and Drew oblige.

I haven’t seen this show since season one but I’m well aware that it’s a massive hit for ABC. I’d actually forgotten how hard they hit you over the head with drama. It’s certainly not a show for dudes. There’s no black and white with these people. It’s all female shades of grey.  Emotions on full throttle. Drama drama drama. Ugh.

Here’s part 2 from last night’s episode. Those without testicles are welcome to watch.

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