Mumford And Sons Rank High On’s Best Of 2010

Mumford & Sons have proven to be the most successful representatives of rock in the Best of 2010, coming in at #2 and being beaten only by Ke$ha as the year’s most scrobbled artist.

It’s quite an acheievment for a band who can only count one album under their belt, Sigh No More. It’s been exactly ten months since the band stopped by Discover‘s studio to do a live session and in celebration of their Best of 2010 triumph, Trends brings you the performance of “Little Lion Man” and a look back at a phenomenal rise.

“Little Lion Man” is the band’s most scrobbled track from Sigh No More (and overall) with 2,089,073 scrobbles. Even over a year after it’s release it is still gaining popularity, currently hitting around 18,000 listeners every week compared to the summer when it would typically get around 13,000 weekly listeners.

The album itself recorded a total of 11,613,844 scrobbles across 303,862 listeners from October 2009 until October 2010, an average of 38 scrobbles per listener.

The band played more songs off the album, such as “The Cave” and “Awaken My Soul” which you can check out at Discover now.

Be sure to check out the Best of 2010 to see who else made the list.

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