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  1. Brandy says:

    Tix sold out in 13 minutes? More like 2 minutes. Tix are available …. through scalpers. So lame.

  2. Edith says:

    I Love these bands!, I wish I could get tickets here.
    My dream has always been to go to a concert.
    Specially if all the bands I like will be there>.<

  3. MJ says:

    411 for the ACX rookies….if you dont get in THE VERY SECOND they go on sale, you’re outta luck!
    REFRESH too fast, and ticketmaster/livenation wont let you in period.
    Mess up on the captcha or password…again you’re out!

    Though they say it sold out in 13 minutes…it sold out the first few seconds…rest of the time was for the people that got in to complete their transactions. Anything available after that was for incomplete/bad transactions.

    We’re 50/50 even with friends helping to get tix…and on the years that we dont get in end up paying an arm and a leg from scalpers.

    KROQ should just set aside half the tix for Para Los Ninos and let them ebay them….they’d probably get quite a bit more $$$$$$ and we’d know it’s all going to them.

  4. frank says:

    why no avenged sevenfold bush or RHCP??

  5. alex says:

    bAD RELIGiON social d and smashin pumpkins 😀 guna b badass

  6. rocking says:

    When will print-at-home tickets be available?

  7. Nicole says:

    I got tickets to almost acoustic christmas… and they are very decent seats… but I’m turning 30 the weekend of this show and it is seriously my one wish… to be able to dance dance dance in the pit! I am a dancer… if anyone could help me and my other girlfriend (who also has tickets) get pit tickets… we would be happy to trade or pay WHATEVER amount they would go for…

    please.. help me get my bday wish!

    desperate dancer 😉

  8. Iluv2sux says:

    Kroq should sell there tickets at groovetickets

  9. Brie says:

    Single tickets available on LiveNation. Section 15. Just checked…

    1. Dan says:

      Got 2 singles. Brie, thanks very much for the uncommonly rich, smooth and creamy tip! No pun intended.

  10. victoria says:

    how old do you have to be in order to win tickets over the phone? I’m dying to win tickets to night 2 and worried about not being able to win them.

  11. JJ says:

    its my first time going to a big concert and im sooooo excited. i know this is kinda a stupid question but when does the almost acoustic christmas night 2 start and end? i need to know so i dont show up to early or late cuz that would sux lol

  12. david vasquez says:

    did you hold back any tickets? please because i promised my my girlfriend i take her for our one year anniversary for the second show. we are faithfully listeners it would be so wonderful if we could go!

  13. Veronica says:

    Night 2 has THE BEST line-up, I am still in shock of how fast they sold out, I was not lucky enough to get tickets…..I wish I could go

  14. WordUp says:

    Is anyone at KROQ still reading this board? Is ANYONE still reading this board? Just wanted to know if you are going to be posting the time slots for each band. Tickets say the show starts at 5…is that realisitic or is that just to get us there to buy more $10 beers at the Gibson?

    1. Blackout | says:

      We’ll be posting all the info (including set times) later this week. Stay tuned!

      1. WordUp says:

        Perfect. Thanks for letting us know, much appreciated! Looking forward to Saturday night. Going to be a hell of a good time.

  15. riley says:

    night 1 bands have been rocking wayyyyyy longer then anyone playing night 2. they dont have the experince or long list of classic, memoriable songs that most of the night 1 bands have. night 1 ftw!!!!!!

  16. Acacia says:

    does anyone know where it is?

    1. Juan C. says:

      Gibson Ampitheater

  17. Kim says:

    where’s the love people?

  18. Kara says:

    im so excited. 20 hours till night one

  19. jason says:

    My balls are wet with anticipation.

  20. .h says:

    mostly excited for Phoenix (:

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