flashback thecult Todays KROQ Flashback: The Cult Wild Flower

Not really sure how it is these guys ever fell off the KROQ radar – they’re one of the best rock bands in the history of rock and I could happily play you a massive playlist of their stuff.

The morning WXRK (K-Rock) in New York changed formats to follow KROQ’s more closely, Howard Stern played ‘Hollow Man’ (or was it ‘Rain’?  It was album cut from ‘Love’, for sure, one of me all time favorite albums – what with ‘She Sells Sanctuary’, ‘Phoenix’ and ‘Nirvana’ being on that one as well) as an example of what was coming.  I was in hog heaven at that moment in time, lemme tell ya…

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  1. beezlebug says:

    did Billy Idol rip them off or what? too bad.

  2. horsetooth jackass says:

    yo sluggo – since ur playing flashbacks and u did mention ur old station WXRK, can u play that bit when u had a caller sleep on u

    that was HILARIOUS!!!

    1. SlugMonkey says:

      Hahaha – dang! That was awesome – he’d called Mr. Howard Stern and fallen asleep waiting to get on the air, so they passed him off to Stuttering John in middays and then to me that afternoon and we spent the day yelling at him – at which point he ‘woke up’ (I was always dubious as to his sleeping so long, but if he was faking it he was good).

      At that point I told him I worked for 911 (who would believe THAT?!) and that we were on our way to either rescue him or arrest him for wasting our time. He seemed sufficiently flipped out.

      You rule Mr. Tooth for recalling this bit o’ radio – maybe Gary (Baba Booey ruleZ) has it on tape – I have nothing from back then…

  3. Sean Lo says:

    Sluggo, Put them back on the radar! Saw them in Houston a few weeks ago, ripped the roof off the House of Blues. They are giving away a free track for fans who like their classics http://bit.ly/bjaASI

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