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President Obama Says, “It Gets Better”

obamaitgetsbetter President Obama Says, It Gets Better

The president is one of the latest to add his voice to the anti-bullying “It Gets Better” campaign with this video shot at the White House last week.

He references the terrible spate of recent suicides among young Americans who had been bullied just for being gay, lesbian or transgendered. Mr. Obama offers words of encouragement and coping techniques for anyone who is feeling depressed because he or she is in a similar situation.

We have a lot of fun on the Kevin & Bean show in the morning and make fun of a lot of people for a lot of things but it is never okay to intentionally hurt someone by words or actions because of their sexual preference. Except for Psycho Mike because who the hell knows what that guy is into.

P.S. If you don’t think we have a lot of work ahead of us in this country on the issue of gay acceptance, take a look at a couple of the comments on the president’s video from the YouTube page.

gaycomments President Obama Says, It Gets Better


One Comment

  1. Harry Seaward says:

    those who think that gays will ruin the moral fabric of this country need to know that gays would never do anything intentionally to hurt fabric

    1. Sheila says:

      Very Good, Harry! hahahah!

    2. chris ekstedt says:

      harry. that was awesome!

    3. ben says:

      jesus christ that was an epic joke!!

  2. Shannon says:

    Thanks so much for posting this. You guys are brilliant and funny, and you use your powers for good. Mostly. Except maybe Psycho Mike. 😉

  3. Donkey Size says:

    First of all, moral or not, illegal or not. I still don’t want to see that gay crap with my eyes while I walk the streets enjoying my people watching. I don’t want to see two dudes kiss, hug, or grab each other as they walk down the street. What the F*&% happened to the good ol days when this crap was kept in their home. To all who read this…KEEP THE FILTH AT HOME. I don’t care what you do behind closed doors. I don’t want to explain gay crap to my kids.

    1. Lou says:

      Of course a reply like this would come from a person who calls himself “Donkey size”. Learn the the word ignorant!

    2. Steven says:

      I’m tired of seeing handicapped people out when I’m out enjoying walking the streets. I don’t want to see those freaks missing arms and legs ambling around and I especially don’t want to explain to my kids why they aren’t the same as them. They need to keep their crippled asses at home or in a hospital.

  4. Kim says:

    Thanks for posting, Bean. It means a lot that anti-bullying support comes from a show with a predominantly young, male audience.

  5. doorofhorn says:

    I’m not down with bullying at all, but I really don’t see why this needs to be addressed by the President. He has more important issues. I was bullied in high school and I bullied a few people beneath me on the pecking order. It sucks but it’s part of growing up. People are too damn soft these days. Why would you kill yourself and let the bully win like that?

  6. Donkey Size says:

    Well Loser Lou. Now what “word” would that be Bible guru? Before learning any word you should know that it still goes back to Adam and Eve not Steve. And yeah…its Donkey Size…just ask the one who conceived you what springs to mind after she hears that. Hey, did you ever serve time? Maybe Psycho Mike’s character Rudy hits you close to heart huh?!?!? Since a man’s home is his castle…I think you should keep your crap in the dungeon. You and your stalagmites!!! Thanks to people like you no wonder America is circling down the drain. Now don’t forget to vote you imbesil!!!

    1. Lou says:

      I bet you drive a giant truck and still go with “that’s what she said” right? Grow up. Hate is an awful place to live. So.. What are you wearing donkey? I bet your a closet case? Are you tingly in your pants right now?

    2. ben says:

      donkey size, get the f**k out of this country if you dont like it. i think the middle east is right up your alley. this country is going one direction, and its still going that way. you aren’t changing it. Ever. Get over yourself, or leave. there needs to be a less people like you here, anyways

    3. Jessica B. says:

      What a moron. Oh well, if you’re gonna be one, at least you picked the right name.

  7. Donkey Size says:

    Hey Steve…the only handicap person out there is you. But check this out, I don’t need to be Jesus to heal you. I will break it down one part at a time to get you through this. First, get your thumb out your A$% by pushing down hard. Second, lift your hand and in one swoop, swing it towards your mouth and insert pressing your lips together to prevent your thumb from removing itself. At this point you should be able to walk straight and without that crippling effect. Wala…you are now healed. Amazing…isn’t it!!!!

  8. Mark says:

    Ah crap, I thought this was going to be about the economy and my paycheck getting better. F**k it… President Bully is still forcing his Healthcare, Cap & Trade and other deficit spending agenda up our ass.

    Seriously though, all you other bullies, knock that sh*t off!

    1. Dana says:

      And by “forcing,” do you mean getting elected by the majority of the people and then making good on his campaign promises. Or that the “forced” reform is then passed by majorities in both houses of congress? ‘Cause maybe I need a new dictionary then. (btw, that’s sarcasm)

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