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chinodeftones Alice In Chains And Deftones Destroyed My Ears Last Night

Chino from Deftones shreading my ears at Gibson Amphitheatre

Last night was as satisfying as it gets for a lifelong [lastfm]Deftones[/lastfm] fan like myself.

Songs “Change” (In The House Of Flies), “Be Quiet And Drive” and “My Own Summer” (Shove It) got the Gibson Amphitheatre crowd hyped up. Songs from the new Diamond Eyes album including the title track and an amazing version of “Sextape” reminded everyone that Deftones do a gig like no other. Frontman Chino Moreno still has one of the most amazing voices in all of rock. His soaring and hypnotic vocal for “Sextape” had the crowd standing still…almost concentrating on every word.

Original bass player Che Cheng remains in a minimally conscious state due a car accident a few years ago. Former [lastfm]Quicksand[/lastfm] bass player Sergio Vega filled in nicely.  Deftones dedicated a song to their bandmate and friend, Che.

aliceinchainsgibson Alice In Chains And Deftones Destroyed My Ears Last Night

William Duval

Although it sounds crazy, I had never seen [lastfm]Alice In Chains[/lastfm].

There’s something to be said for catching a band with all original members live when they’re first coming up. Original bass player Mike Starr can be seen on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew – not playing bass.

Frontman Layne Staley passed away over eight years ago but Alice In Chains never officially disbanded. The thing was they were inactive for so long, that was the assumption. In 2005, singer William Duval joined and helped release Black Gives Way To Blue – their first album in 14 years.

[pullquote quote=”we don’t exist without you.” credit=”Jerry Cantrell”]Opening with “Them Bones,” if you closed your eyes you would SWEAR Layne Staley was still fronting. Power chords and the amazing trademark harmonies with guitarist Jerry Cantrell sold me on William Duval.

Alice In Chains sound exactly the same and the faithful who sold out the Gibson let them know. Jerry Cantrell is one of the most respected and coolest guys in rock and made a point to thank everyone saying “we don’t exist without you.”

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  1. Nick Bermudez says:

    The Deftones were amazing like always! Those guys never let me down. I’ve seen them many times and still get excited when i hear they’re coming to town! I’m very greatfull for this band.
    Alice in chains were alright….

  2. Warren says:

    I paid to watch the Deftones and they did not disappoint. Thanks for mixing it up and playing songs from your original album. What a show.

    Since I only know the Dirt album (and rarely listen to KROQ) I heard their newest material for the first time last night. The first few new tracks really connected with me musically, as the show progressed I lost some of the passion but it was a solid show nonetheless. I would definitely recommend seeing Alice In Chains live to any fan of live music.

    Doesn’t the new singer look like a mixture of Prince and Lenny Kravitz offspring?

    1. rubin says:

      Nice. Glad you had a good time.

  3. says:


    I am sure you are a nice kid, but your review is whacked for a few reasons:

    1) Love Chino, but he struggled last night (keep in mind I am a lifelong Deftones fan and this was show #15 for me)

    2) Really, the last three songs were dedicated to Chi. Birthmark>Engine No. 9>7 Words.

    3) If you really were a lifelong fan, you would know that while not bad, Gibson SUCKS for a band like Deftones. This was why I was thrilled when KROQ put them on the side stage this year at the Weenie Roast. Seats + Deftones blow.

    4) Ummmmm where is the rest of the Alice in Chains review? You never mention any of the hits (minus the first song) nor do you mention how the band struggled to get most of the crowd into the gig.

    6) What about Mastodon?

    These are important facts you need to share if you are going to review shows.

    For our full review – click here:

    1. susan fisher says:

      I hate when reviewers criticize other reviewers and then promote their own sites elsewhere. You lose all credibility with the audience at large. Your tone was also overly harsh and condescending. I was tuning out after #3. Nice job Rubin and cool pics.

      1. says:


        With all respect to Rubin, when a media outlet as large as KROQ reports on a show or an event, they have a responsibility to file a legit report. I don’t blame Rubin, but it seems odd that they would have him go, only to have to make him leave during the headline set to get to work. You don’t see a problem there?

        Likewise, how can you criticize me and claim I lose all credibility when you can’t read past the #3? So you are basically saying that you only do things 1/2 assed, am I correct?

    2. rubin says:

      Thanks! I am a nice kid.
      I disagree and don’t feel that Chino struggled but hey, you have your opinion, I have mine. Most of the people I spoke to were stoked that he was so animated and all over the place. Maybe I’m bias but I just love his voice.
      I love that Deftones always have Chi on their mind. I only heard Chno say “this one’s for Chi” so that’s what I went with.
      I disagree again about how the Gibson sucks for a band like Deftones. I feel they can overcome any venue.
      I had to leave early during Alice in Chains as I had to get to KROQ and do the 2a-5a shift and needed some shut-eye.. I’m the new guy and I cover when needed. Didn’t think I should review what I didn’t see.
      I didn’t get to see Mastadon (bummer) because I was detained for awhile, waiting to be told where to go to do the KROQ stage announcement. That happens a lot. My apologies for not seeing/reviewing them.
      I agree that all you mentioned are important facts but I disagree that I NEED to mention them if I’m going to review shows.
      Thanks though, I’ll read your review when I get a few.

      6) What about Mastodon?

      These are important facts you need to share if you are going to review shows.

      For our full review – click here:

      1. says:


        Just curious if you have seen Deftones before? For example, I would say Chino’s vocals sounded better this week then when the band headlined the same venue on the Saturday Night Wrist tour. However, Avalon/KROQ Weenie etc I felt that Chino sounded much better. Not a diss to Chino, lord knows he has been on tour all year.

        Not a diss to you, but that sucks you had to be to work so dang early. Odd KROQ would send you only to have you come in so early. Rough break.

  4. says:

    Oh and one more point. As of Sunday, over 1/2 of the tix for Gibson were available for sale. It was only after Live Nation dropped the price to $10 that the gig sold out.

    1. richar gee says:

      concert con-junk review…website are a joke as well as reviews stay away from this one!

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