Happy Birthday Johnny Ramone – A Photo And Video Tribute


Today is Johnny Ramone’s birthday, guitar player for one of the greatest bands ever, [lastfm]The Ramones[/lastfm].

Do you remember rock n roll radio? Lying in bed with the covers pulled over your head, radio playing so no one could see? I do, and for that, I will present my favorite Ramones songs, in remembrance of monsieur Johnny Ramone.

62 years ago today, John Cummings was born, 24 years later, The Ramones were formed, the rest is rock n roll history.

[photogallerylink id=69085]

At first I was going to name songs and number them 1-10, but I thought about it, and I can’t rate Ramones songs like that because they’re all great.
…in no particular order. Without further a do, 1-2-3-4!

What would be your top Ramones songs? Leave me some feedback in the comments section! Let’s talk Ramones!

And a HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHNNY RAMONE. RIP Joey, Dee Dee, and Johnny, punk died when they died. Go out and get Ramones RAW, and Ramones It’s Alive and watch them all day.

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