stevejonesjukebox Sex Pistols Steve Jones Returns To LA Radio With Jonesys Jukebox

This Sunday at 7PM, catch the one and only [lastfm]Steve Jones[/lastfm] of the [lastfm]Sex Pistols[/lastfm] as he makes his return to LA radio.

Jonesy’s Jukebox will feature unreleased tracks from indie bands, b-sides, songs from bands that are bubbling under, KROQ classics and cuts from his personal music collection; anything he wants to play.  Steve jumped right on board, “They are letting me play whatever I want—and that’s good for me.”

Kevin Weatherly, Program Director couldn’t be happier with the addition to KROQ’s lineup:

Sunday nights on KROQ has historically been the home to groundbreaking programming beginning with the legendary Rodney Bingenheimer over 30 years ago. In fact, Rodney was one of the first DJ’s in America to play the Sex Pistols.  Steve is punk rock royalty…I’m thrilled that Jonesy’s Jukebox can now be heard alongside KROQ Locals Only, Loveline and Rodney on the Roq.

Read the LA Times story on Steve’s return to LA Radio here.

jonesysjukeboxzbanner Sex Pistols Steve Jones Returns To LA Radio With Jonesys Jukebox


Steve Jones: Guitar Hero
Born: 3 September 1955, London, England

Coming from a difficult home life, and uninterested in school, Steve Jones found himself drifting into petty crime as a teenager. While bunking off school in 1972 he decided to form a band with friends Paul Cook and Wally Nightingale. Steve was already something of a kleptomaniac, and music gave him a way to channel some of his over-exuberance. Musical equipment specifically. Legend has it Steve paid many famous rock stars a visit as the fledgling band began to acquire equipment.

It’s perhaps fate that someone who has inspired so many guitar players – and helped define the Gibson Les Paul guitar sound – actually started off as a singer before moving to the instrument after Wally’s departure.

After the Sex Pistols split in January 1978 Steve – together with Paul Cook – went on to release a series of Sex Pistols singles without John Lydon for use in Malcolm McLaren’s fictionalized satire of the Pistols story ‘The Great Rock n Roll Swindle’. Steve appeared in the movie playing himself and contributed lead vocals to many of the tracks used on the soundtrack LP.

The pair then formed a new band The Professionals, releasing four UK singles and the album ‘I Didn’t See It Coming’ in 1981. The Professionals as “The Looters” also starred alongside actor Ray Winstone – and Paul Simonon from The Clash – in the cult 1981 US film ‘Ladies and Gentlemen The Fabulous Stains’.

theprofessionalsposter Sex Pistols Steve Jones Returns To LA Radio With Jonesys Jukebox

When The Professionals split in 1982 Steve decided to stay in the USA. He relocated to Los Angeles and became an in-demand session guitarist – playing for the likes of Iggy Pop, Andy Taylor (Duran Duran), and even Bob Dylan – then signed a contract with MCA Records; releasing two solo albums between 1987-89.

Steve kept a low-profile in the early 90s before returning to the music scene with the Sunset Strip supergroup [lastfm]Neurotic Outsiders[/lastfm] featuring Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum (Guns and Roses) and John Taylor ([lastfm]Duran Duran[/lastfm]). Their self-titled album was released in 1996 just as the Sex Pistols returned for the ‘Filthy Lucre’ world tour.

As well as continuing session and production work Steve flirted with acting, appearing in films and TV shows before finding what he describes as his first proper job as DJ on the Los Angles based Indie 103.1FM.

‘Jonesy’s Jukebox’ began in 2004 and proved so popular it was soon made a permanent daily fixture. Steve’s light-hearted approach and non-playlisted musical selections – anything and everything from classic rock to new bands, back through disco and punk – made the show a breath of fresh air on commercial Los Angles radio. Several high-profile actors and musicians have appeared on the show; including each member of the Sex Pistols.

Despite living on the other side of the world Cook and Jones remain firm friends and still sporadically record together. 2007 saw the pair appear on Ian Brown’s critically acclaimed album ‘The World Is Yours’.

Steve also helps run the LA soccer team Hollywood United. Which often fields celebrities and ex-professional footballers. Jonesy has now been relegated to the “Dad’s Army Over 40s Squad”.


Comments (68)
  1. NickyMacG says:

    No way! Jonesy is back on the LA airwaves, this is super exciting! Nice move KROQ, I will be tuning in for sure!

  2. Bill says:

    wow a sign of life over at KROQ….now let’s start playing some more more Arctic Monkeys, Klaxons, Black Keys, and mix it up more regularly than just playing Phoenix on repeat

  3. Josh says:

    I hope he’s not redundant by saying champagne and cocaine… indie 1031 listeners would laugh at this….

  4. Matt says:

    I can hardly wait. I hope they Podcast these as well.

  5. michael knight says:

    turn him loose, let him go, do not f**k this up, kroq

  6. Laura says:


  7. Big Al says:

    This is outstanding news. And a ballsy move by kroq… I will look forward to hearing all the stories and great tunes that Jonesy played on INDIE 103.1, help making it the best station on the airwaves for five years… This show is really gonna be the only thing worth listening to on kroq. Welcome Back Pontiff!!!

  8. Punkrockprincess says:

    Yes, yes, f*#@in’ YES!!! Finally a reason to come back to KROQ, even if only for two hours a week.

  9. LANA says:

    Finally! Indie 103.1 listerners can rise from their sleeper cells and Rejoice!

  10. Deanna says:


  11. Andre says:

    Awesome…and I am totally shocked that KROQ is finally adding putting something worthwile in their programming block after so many years of dreck!

  12. Johnny McC says:

    this is absolutely amazing… f**k yes!

  13. Sully says:

    Only DJ around that had the balls to play Brian Eno’s Baby’s On Fire and follow it up with 3 songs in a row by Be Bop Deluxe!! Thats only a few years ago, haha!! Steve this is Sully, we used to talk all the time at lunch after you would put something on that no one on our planet would play, except Jed the Fish, hahaha!!! Can’t wait to see what the hell you are gonna turn the kids on to, lol!! I will come down and personally give you my sons band Seedless’s new CD, produced by Lou Dog who produced Sublime!! Stoked out of my mind, cuz I know you will play it right away!! The Seedless Nation has been requesting it for a month a billion times a week. Love ya bruddah and can’t wait for ya to wake up the KROQ playlist. Welcome fkn back you old , younger than I am SOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Atomic Wedgie says:

    I give it a “pants”!! DO NOT f**k this up KROQ!!!!!!!

  15. Jesse says:

    I miss Indie 103.1! Glad he made the move to KROQ.

  16. Marvin G says:

    The pontiff is back, hopefully Kroq will not force him to play shitty music (ie: KROQ staples such as Linkin Park).
    Really excited to hear him on L.A. Radio again, now there are 3 people on the air I respect @ Kroq, Drew, Rodney and now Steve……This is the face lift the station needed (I know I’m not the only one that agrees with that)

    1. Paul says:

      This better be podcast for his UK listeners, 7pm is 3 in the bloody morning, bollocks!!

  17. Jewell says:

    shake em up Jones..

  18. Hugo says:

    It’s about time….now, when will we see a daily show during the weekdays?

  19. Brian Leyba says:

    Ahhh yes bubble butts, cream pies, pie & mash, sunny skies, motor bikes, broadsword calling danny boy, outer space, time to pay the duke yes , yessss, uh huh!!!
    Crank up the burping, fire up the farting here comes the whistle for winners break out the guitar.
    LA is his lady.
    He’s back!
    The man who can play what he wants (assuming kroq has agreed to stay hands off during Jonesy’s Jukebox) for two hours
    Jonesy’s Jukebox is back. Although very odd that the show will now be on kroq I’m just happy Jonesy’s back on LA airwaves.
    I wonder if Mr. Shovel will be rejoining? I still miss Indie 103.1

    1. Lightning | says:

      Yes, Mr. Shovel will be joining Steve.

      1. Brian Leyba says:

        WOW that is stellar. The dynamic duo reunited again. Jonesy and Mister Shovel the Don Quixote and Sancho Panza of radio.
        Is it Sunday night yet?? Can’t wait to hear the orchestra fire up
        the Jonesy’s Jukebox theme song.
        Its been many years since I’ve given any kudos to kroq but well done!!

  20. Herbie Headkick says:

    Steve Glad your back and you have always done well at what you have passion for and thats music and spreading it around and getting the word out..CHeck out new Long Beach band THE FAMILY SHOCKS song “Happy Pills” at ..It is currently getting played on college stations in Los Angeles and KUCI by multiple djs and its not offically out yet and they are finishing up their first record now and its sounding great..Listen with both ears Loudly…Its Sash here I used to email you my ramblings when I promoted and dj’d my club HOT PANTS at MR TS BOWL..We had the first BREEDERS reunion show in 2001….Me and my wife ran it and my daughter plays bass in this band and I would like them if she wasn’t in the band..The singer is his own person and misunderstood and cooky and msart afunny at the same time..CONGRATS ON COMING BACK!F YEAH!

  21. JediR.A. says:

    I wish he was on everyday from 12:00 to 1:00.
    Jonesy rules!!!

  22. BetoJanz says:

    Great News!

  23. Motörhead says:

    Cheers, Mate! The World is Yours.

  24. Andrea says:

    In a world where good music and good music programming vanishes from our airwaves on daily basis. This is great news. I am so excited. I have missed Jonesy. – “Pants!”

  25. terry says:

    Ah, my most darling, beloved Jonesy back on the air. Thank you.

  26. Steve T. says:

    Welcome back Jonesy and MR.Shovel , you guys have been missed

  27. dzozy says:

    yes! good news ! thnx mr. Jonesy

  28. AnnieG says:

    About time KROQ did something right…now put Jonesy back on the airwaves weekdays from noon-2p or podcast his sessions. Sundays 7-9p is a tough time for most people. Glad you’re back Steve!

  29. XY says:

    Best news all day? week? month? year! Definitely needs to be podcasted as well.

    Thanks KROQ and Jonesy!

  30. Dave Dirt says:

    Welcome back to OUR airwaves Jonesey. Our Ayatollah of Rockanrollah. Can’t wait to hear to hear you do your thing again.

  31. Toby Harris says:

    And after he proves himself (And shovel), which he will. Then move him to the noon block. I still am baffled that Indie 103.1 won Rolling Stone Radio Station of the year, then went off the air. One thing is Musicians will appear on his show, they totally respect a guy that helped break the corporate rock mold. That is the new blood Kroq needs. Go Jonsey, and deliver us the future of rock!

  32. Deena Sotto says:

    Thank God! I was so delighted to hear Jonesy’s Jukebox is back. My now 12 year old twins and myself have been complaining about the demise of Indie 103 and missing Jonesy for the last couple of years. I was SHOCKED someone didn’t grab him up earlier! It’s only appropriate KROQ is his new home. Here’s to many more listening hours…do you think you could move him to everyday airtime??

  33. Garrett says:

    Great news! Time makes it tough for the East Coast, hoping for a podcast.

  34. jill says:

    Here in Minnesota we thankful for his return! XOXO to Jonesy!

  35. J says:

    put him on everyday of the week 12-3

    1. Veronica says:

      YES, I agree!!

  36. Keri says:

    Sweet! Sooooooooooooooooooo happy he’s back on the air! Thanks Kroq

  37. Richard says:

    Congrats Steve! glad he’s back on the air!

  38. aaronski says:

    like everyone has said already, kroq don’t screw this up!..with the exception of Rodney the music coming from your station has been drivel for 15 years! How dare you defy!

  39. paul says:


    1. Dave says:

      YES!!!!! Really hoping for a podcast…Jonesy will bring back what KROQ has been missing for the last 15 yrs.

  40. henry martinez says:

    sweeeeeeeeeeet baby!!!!!!!!

  41. Jay says:

    Finally KROQ will be tolerable.

  42. MRL says:

    Might be even better radio than Frazer Smith’s Sex Pistol sing along.

  43. armando says:

    welcome back Pontiff. You have been missed in LA. Hope KROQ treats you better than they treat Rodney. Finally, a reason to listen to KROQ besides K&B. I have been listening to your old Indie103 podcasts since that dark day in February of 2009. Hope you podcast this show as well. YES!!!!!!

  44. manny says:

    The best thing kroq has done in a very long time, whatever Jonesy plays I buy.

  45. wendy says:

    Brilliant! shame i cant hear you jonesy from my london crib 😦

  46. Esther G. says:

    My day has improved since reading this news!

  47. Handsome says:

    KROQ has been a bit mustard for a while. Looks like it’s the pants again.

  48. Veronica says:

    I miss listening on my lunch hour, my husband and i would call each other and laugh about the show and enjoyed the music. I’ve been hating L.A. RADIO since Jonesy left the air waves! I will have to pre-set KROQ back on my radio!! Thank you KROQ!

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