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chriscornellguitarhero2 Review: Soundgarden At Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock Launch Party

Chris Cornell at Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock launch party Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Being the Music Director at KROQ, I have the privilege of getting invited to a lot of cool sh*t. I won’t make you jealous by listing all the amazing things I have been to or all the people I have met but let’s just say – sh*t that would blow your mind. And I’ve also been to a lot of crap.

So believe me when I say, the Guitar Hero peeps know how to throw a party! I was granted parking on the lot of the Paramount studios (instead of parking blocks away in a random garage) and after I picked up my VIP credentials I was greeted by these cute girls dressed all in black telling me “Welcome to the party of your life.” I then walked straight into a table flooded with Green Kamikaze shots. Despite the exhaustion I was under from a weekend of Muse at Staples Center Saturday night and all day at Epicenter in 112 degree heat on Sunday, I decided it was only right I do kamikaze shots. I was seeing the reunion of [lastfm]Soundgarden[/lastfm]!

The Paramount lot was decorated like the Lower East Side of New York City and they had resurrected CBGB’s where Soundgarden were going to rock our faces. I was so excited since I had only been to CBGB’s a handful of times before it closed. There were hotdog vendors, tamale stands, bars with every alcohol – and it was all free! They also had huge screens on a couple of the walls where people could play Guitar Hero of course. Rock music was blasting in the streets where me and my friend Marla were getting our drink on when all of a sudden Gene Simmons and his son walk right by us! Just casual as though he wasn’t GENE SIMMONS. And let me tell you – his son is TALL. He towered over me. And Gene. Damn.

soundgardenguitarhero Review: Soundgarden At Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock Launch Party

Photo: Michael Buckner, Getty Images

After partying in the mock streets of NYC for about an hour with 500 other lucky people we went inside the fake CBGB’s and got our “spot.” The club was intimate and very comparable in size to the OG CBGB’s. So I probably need to mention that it was over 100 fricking degrees in this place which really made it feel like the original club. They say there was AC – not. So we waited for another half hour for the guys to come on and I realize Dom from Muse is 5 feet away from me and I am also touching butts with Naveed and Liam from the new 90210. I’m sure you think it’s lame I know who they are. I agree. All of a sudden Kim Thayil walked out and the room erupted. Then out walks Matt and Ben and Chris – which I was very pleased, he is growing his hair out again! Like the old days when this man was a badass in every way.

They kicked off their short set with one of my favorite Soundgarden songs, “Hands All Over.” It sounded incredible. It was like no time had passed at all. They then proceeded to belt out: “Spoonman,” “Rusty Cage,” “Burden in My Hand,” “Outshined,” “Black Hole Sun” and closed with their new song “Black Rain.” Not a lot of talking between songs but the guys seemed genuinely happy to be playing together again. Chris’ voice was outta control. The guys thanked the crowd and walked off stage and nobody left in hopes they would come back. While they only played one song for their encore, it was a good one – “Gun.” Awesome. They definitely left us all wanting more.

chriscornellguitarhero Review: Soundgarden At Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock Launch Party

Chris Cornell with Soundgarden at Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Launch Party by Jason Merritt Getty Images

I can’t wait for them to do a full tour next year and I hear they are making an album! I’ve missed this band. I don’t care what the reasons are for getting back together, I’m just glad to have Soundgarden back in the rock world.

Comments (7)
  1. bean says:

    Great review, Lisa, and so nice to see you posting on I heart you always.

    1. Lisa says:

      Thanks Bean! Heart you!!!

  2. Vince says:

    Kim looks like one of my friend’s grandpa…. haha, love it.

  3. Stephanie says:

    I was at this show. Best f**king show ever! Tops all past shows ive been too, and future!

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