blackblackveilbrides0021 KROQ Epicenter Twenty Ten: Black Veil Brides

Photo by Cody Black

Hollywood, Calif. natives, [lastfm]Black Veil Brides[/lastfm] made their grand entrance to the Monster Stage with a thundering drumroll that ignited an uproar of fanatic screams.

Their army of followers dressed in black with smears of dark makeup running down their faces broke into ferocious yelps as BVB screamed, “We have one job to do today and that is to bring back real f**king rock ‘n’ roll!”

First glances of the five-piece metal/hardcore/emo/screamo — label them what you want, they don’t give a f**k — might have you wondering if they’re the new poster children for Hot Topic with goth-inspired gear and makeup.

But once you get past their looks, all you’re left with is rapid fire drumming, intense guitar solos and heavy breakdowns. It’s no wonder this relatively new band is a growing favorite in the metal scene.

They’re unapologetic in their fashion expression and remind their young fans that real rock ‘n’ roll is about doing whatever you feel like. Demonstrating their mantra, BVB tore apart the stage in a wild ending, smashing their guitars for a big “F-U” to all the haters out there.

The mayhem continued even after the band exited the stage as roadies distributed the jagged pieces of the smashed guitar into the screaming hands of BVB’s most hardcore fans as a trophy of real rock ‘n’ roll.

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Comments (34)
  1. Ana says:

    They looked hot in both ways haha

  2. Kelli says:

    Great shot of Jake and Jinxx. Wish I could have been there, but it’s great that they did so well.

  3. Anthony says:

    They were amazing. They’re the future of rock’ n ‘roll.

  4. @MorganMassacre6 says:

    Even though I wasn’t there it was one of the best Live performances I’ve seen them do ❤ And Christian totally rocked it on the drums (:

  5. Liz says:

    LOVE these guys! I’m a mom and we had a blast at their show! Their stage personas are excellent and the warpaint and outfits ARE individual expressions of what they feel. IF people would bother to read their interviews they give props to Kiss and Motley Crue for influencing them. I love the fact that they aren’t out there kissing corporate ass and that they treAt their fans like family! I will always be a member of the BVB army ❤

    1. bvbmom says:

      me too I feel the exact same way

  6. yinabvb says:

    omg we are army guys congratulations to us

  7. yinabvb says:

    the army conquered the world to arem

  8. Angie says:


  9. SWEET!!!!!! says:

    AWWWWWW!!!!! They are amazing. Love Jake, Jinx, Andy, Ashley, and now CC. I’m gonna explode w/ rock n roll!!!

  10. Chris F says:

    Dude, I was right there in the front. So badass. Going to see you guys this friday in Victorville!

  11. Jean says:

    This band sucks. They had terrible out of tune vocals and lame songs. Total posers. Hang it up.

    1. Calla says:

      And a big F-U to you haters!!
      Andy was changing the lyrics, lol! Something more then those assholes can be, this is our sweet blasphemy!! 🙂 I miss Sandra, CC seems to blend into the back a bit…

    2. Shelbee says:

      You just made this article more popular by coming here and commenting on it ;P

    3. KellySixPurdy says:

      Black Veil Brides Are My idols. They Are The Future Of Rock N Roll. No One Can Be Compared To Them. Their Music Is Amazing and Beautiful. All Their Lyrics Have An Actual Meaning. This Band Has Really Changed My Life, and Helped Me Out A Lot. They Actually Connect With Their Fans, And Are One Of The Sweetest Most Amazing and Talented Guys Ever.Unlike Other Bands Who All They Care About Is Fame And Money.I Am A Bridesmaid For Life!<3

    4. brieana hiner says:

      i dont agree i think that they r great the best band next to escape the fate

    5. KatieFlo says:

      This band is absolutely amazing. clearly you have no idea what it truely means to be a rock’n’roll fan.

    6. Rae Desrosiers says:

      Wat the f**k?!!?!? BVB IS F**KING AMAZING!!!

    7. shell says:

      Jean, i am sorry but you are pretty stupid if you do not LOVE bvb!!!!! They rock!!!!!!! 🙂

  12. helena says:

    you they rocked ashley smashing the bass wuz very KISS u guys r the greatest f**king band ever!!!!!!!!

  13. twizzy says:

    haha i love how u say that ^^^^^^ when the only time the crowd started to freal was when BVB entered the stage…ok and they totally sang along unlike all those other shit bands that were there yesterdat so yeahh….but anyway this show was amazing and i must say i love the camera angles on ustream xD kept giving me crotch shots of andy xP

  14. AlexisBVB says:

    This guys are the shit!!! and they should be proud of all there hard work that came together and formed a kick-ass show!!

  15. brieana hiner says:

    i love bvb i love how some of there songs are slower than others but there still rock and i love andy too

  16. Chris says:

    I wish I could have been there… 😦

  17. Laila says:

    HELL YEA!!!!!! BVB’s rockn the world now, Rock n’ Roll’s comin back baby!!

  18. Misti :D says:

    They were amazing. I ended up with a drumstick 😀
    ❤ Andy!

  19. kaylen says:

    They F-ING KILLED IT!!!!!!!! Totally rocked, loved when Ashley smashed his bass, and andy when he changed up the lyrics. Can’t wait to see them in concert again 🙂

  20. Bridesmaid Ashley says:

    F**k yeah! ❤

  21. @blahfuknblah says:

    Omg! Andy Sixx Is Soo Attractive to me! i Wish i Could meet him before i Die! 😀 i heard They were Awesome! IF he Notices me on Twitter My dad Promised me i Could go to His Concert on OCT 5 @ EMOs Since its a School Night And My DAD Does Not aprove Of ME “Hiis Priincess” Listening To Rock! But Cut me a DEAL So IF HE Does notice me I can Go See Him! So IF Anyone PLease Can HElp Me do? Because Its My Dream! I have the Money ANd Everything I Just Need Andy To Notice Me.! 😦 Pretty PLease?

  22. Rae Desrosiers says:

    Can’t wait to see them October 16th<3<3<3 iT'S GONNA BE INTENSE!!<3

  23. J. Ballin says:

    BVB f-ing destroy the wrld of rock!!!!! . . . . I reely wish i was there to see them.

  24. J.Ballin says:


  25. Roxie says:

    That’s why I love them don’t give a d**n about what others think about them.

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