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Mexico Rules. The New York Jets Drool.


Mexican TV sports reporter Ines Sainz is involved in a breaking scandal! This reporter went into the New York Jets locker room after practice on Saturday to interview Mark Sanchez. And some of the players whistled and made “cat calls” according to ESPN.

She said she was NOT offended. But other reporters (the ugly ones) in the locker room made a big deal of it, so the owner of the Jets called her to apologize. And if he was smart, he asked her to dinner and drinks to make amends for this terrible tragedy.

Here’s the real story. Mexico knows how to do TV. News anchors? Sports reporters? Game show hosts? All amazingly hot. You don’t get on TV in Mexico unless you’re a 9 out of 10.



One Comment

  1. Rob says:

    More pictures, please. MANY more.

  2. jmac says:

    I’d like to butter her muffin!

  3. nick says:

    i second that

  4. Rasta Josh says:

    She is smokin who wouldn’t say anything , need more pics though

  5. Nora says:

    You have to understand Mexico embraces beauty… I’m Mexican I like to be taken serious but I like to look good as well.

    1. El-Wapo says:

      It’s kinda hard to believe you if you don’t post a picture.

  6. Tony says:

    My taco just became a burrito.

  7. Viol8tor says:

    Shes just an attention whore, her names in the headlines everywhere and hes f**ken loving it.

    DAT ASS is beyond amazing do.

  8. elle says:

    those ugly reporters are whores! she does have more freckles than Lindsay Lohan tho… blah

  9. El-Wapo says:

    Hot Mexican reporters who go into locker rooms and get attention from football players and piss off ugly broads are NOT whores!

  10. kingthick says:

    I would punch her in the face, invite her to my hotel room, kiss her gently about the neck and ears, then ask her to make me some home made tortillas and something with grated cheese. Maybe some sort of meat too.

    1. grrrravy says:


  11. lostsoul86 says:

    lol hilarious when they replay its my size! lol but i think my question is since when the hell does mexican tv care about NFL football ? its not footbol or did they get confused ?

    1. Viol8tor says:

      Shes was there to interview Jets QB Mark Sanchez, who’s half Mexican (and a USC grad, FIGHT ON!!!)

  12. Anthony says:

    That is, I’m relearning Spanish. I can’t wait to watch the evening news.

  13. ideletemyself says:

    “Girl, you may not be a whore but you sure as sh*t wearing a whore’s uniform!” – Chris Rock … True today as it was in it’s day… Politically Correct people are what’s wrong with the world. Too many sticks up too many asses.

    Men cat calling a hot piece of women?!? My dear lord, well I never!!! Pfffffthahahaha, wtf is wrong with some people to think this is out of the norm in ANY way or anything to report about… The reporter is probably glad she’s getting press and that’s about it….

    Suckers. =P

  14. Ed says:

    White pants, white pants!!!!!!!!!

  15. carmo says:

    boot booty booty rockin everywhere. idk kevin. her body is wayyyy better than her face.

  16. JASON says:


    1. Abe says:

      Missing the point man. You just failed the gay test.

  17. Anthony says:


    You can’t even let us, pervs, look her up for more pics. Now, you guys have website made to trap us from our search. I’ve already stumbled and warned that the website was harmful. Luckily, most of you aren’t good at it, but still.

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