breaking dawn Does This Really Happen In Twilight: Breaking Dawn?

We stumbled across a hilarious video that recaps the final book in the Twilight series: Breaking Dawn. This video is a joke right? There is no possible way this is how Twilight ends….. right?

You’ve read the books. Explain this to us?

This Actually Happens in Twilight: Breaking Dawn

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  1. Eric says:

    it’s true.

  2. johnny says:

    yes…that sh*t really happens…f**k i hate twilight

  3. ricardo says:

    i ask my sister cuz i actually hate this crap ; she told me its forsure all legit hahaha . it looks like a vampire seizure.

  4. dennee says:

    yea, jacob falls in love with bella’s baby

  5. Anthony says:

    never read the books or watched the movies, but really??? creepy and gross. Does he fall in love with the baby or falls in love with the baby when she is an adult?

  6. Bren says:

    Lol yes, it’s true Jacob Imprints to Nessie meaning he will commit to her become a loving Big Brother until she is of age and they can love each other in a romantic way He will not age until Nessie is of age.

    1. Anthony says:

      ok then. haha. then I guess the whole Edward and Jacob thing is over then too since Jacob wants Edwards baby. Okay this sounds so weird.haha. But yea. that’s the case? haha

  7. Eric says:

    hey KOM where’s yesterday’s podcast?

  8. ASO says:

    How high was this lady when she wrote this stuff.

  9. Rachel says:

    yes, it really happens that way. except that jacob doesn’t really “fall in love” with her, it’s something else, more complicated(it’s hard to explain unless you’ve read it)

    1. BGH says:

      It’s not that complicated – he “imprints” on her because he’s a werewolf, thorugh some pseudo-bioloigical-supernatural gobbledygook concocted by Stephanie Meyer after drnking too much of the Coca-Cola forbidden to all Mormons.

  10. Lane says:

    This is what happens when hard core Mormons write vampire romance novels. I’m ashamed I read it.

  11. Kate says:

    Wait, that piece of sh*t waste of paper won the Children’s Book Award? Now THAT’S messed up

  12. izzy says:

    OMG! When I read the book, it didn’t sound so bad. But know that I watched this video, it makes me wonder. WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING! It so gross!!!!!!!

  13. Susan says:

    It’s true and even more cracked out than you want to know. I mean, “a big brother type until she’s of age”? After he’s lusted after her own mother throughout two other novels? GROSS GROSS GROSS.

  14. sara says:

    well when you put it that way, yes it’s quite ridiculous but the book doesn’t read that way and let’s not forget…it’s about VAMPIRES people. We’re not talking real life crap here. Get over it.

  15. Nare says:

    hahahahahah! This looks so much funnier than how it explains it in the book, but yes it’s all true!!! A werewolf falls in love with a baby!

  16. Nare says:

    hahahahahaha! This looks so much funnier than how it explains it in the book, but yes it’s all true!!! A werewolf falls in love with a baby!

  17. SavyDevil says:

    LMFAO! Funny sh*t. In a nutshell, it’s true. I’m so ashamed I even picked up those books in the first place. They sucked ass!

  18. Travis says:

    HAH! My roommate is in this video, nice.

  19. znon says:

    HA! that’s hilarious! i’m too ashamed to admit i read these sorry ass books. this happens in the book. the video captured all the main yet lame points in the book. so summit, no need to make the movies.

  20. Alem says:

    hahaha this is awesome hahahahahah … and its true !

  21. thor13 says:

    Isn’t this the same thing that Woody Allen did with that adopted girl he was leaving with Mia Farrow.

  22. tips says:

    dumbasses… No! a werewolf does NOT fall in love with a baby! he imprints on her. in the world of twilight, it makes a difference. Just like all other sci fi movies and books have their own explanations and made up shit in their stories, so does twilight. I mean, shit, who finds it okay that a human f*cked one of those blue things in avatar?!?!

  23. Sarah May says:

    basically all of the stuff they said is true minus the werewolf falling in love with the baby. It’s called imprinting. The love is not romantic love, is more like family/friends kinda love.

  24. Bean is a Dip says:

    Yes, the Twilight series is the perfect Mormon novel and the ending is Mormonistic too-that everyone that “imprints” is just one big happy family in this life…and the afterlife. I’m not a Mormon but I know they have these freaky “family wedding” ceremonies where all the kids and parents cry and chant to remain together forever.

    The ways of the Latter Day Saints strictly forbid SO MUCH GOOD STUFF, that the repression of it all has to come out in some crazy way. This excessive pining, yearning and meaningful glances between all the Twilight characters== so Mormon. This would make a good subject for someone to tackle for a PH.D thesis in popular English Lit. BTW-I LOVE the Mormons!

  25. Anna says:

    i am all for stories and fantasy…but Twilight is the WORST thing to ever happen…even if it is a made up sci-fi vampire/wolf/morman piece of vampire crap….there’s no excuse for it being so ridiculous.

    ps…we all want to see avatars f*cking 🙂

  26. melissa says:

    no its not true.that not whats going to happend in breakin dawn i read the book 10 times.yea Jacob Imprints to Nessie

  27. melissa says:

    Despite Bella’s qualms about marrying young, she and Edward wed. Although human, Bella discovers during their honeymoon that she has become pregnant with her vampire husband’s child. Edward wishes to terminate the pregnancy, due to the fact that the unborn child is slowly killing Bella while it grows, but Bella refuses, determined give birth to their baby. While in labor, Edward is forced to save Bella’s life by injecting vampire venom straight into her heart, changing her into a vampire. Meanwhile, Jacob Black sees their half-human, half-vampire child, Reneesme, and imprints on her. Bella takes to her new vampire life with ease, and their little happy family begins to take shape. Then, one day on a hunt with her daughter, Bella spots Irina, a vampiress from a coven in Alaska. Irina sees Reneesme, and believing her to be an immortal child (an extremely illegal creation in the vampire world) goes straight to the Volturi in Italy. Alice forsees that the entire Volturi are coming to Forks to destroy them. The Cullens are forced to call on all of their allies around the world to bear witness that Reneesme is not an immortal child, and that she grows like a human. Because of Jacobs imprintation on Reneesme, the wolf pack also pledge to protect and fight for her if necessary. Jasper and Alice leave without explanation, so the remaining Cullens reluctantly go on with their plans without them. In the midst of introducing Reneesme to all of their guests that come to bear witness for them, Bella discovers her latent vampire power- she has the ability to act as a shield. When the Volturi finally arrive, they find a large group of witnesses waiting to prove that Reneesme is not immortal. Although finally convinced of the Cullens innocence in this matter, Aro of the Volturi still searches for a reason to exterminate the Cullen clan. Bella is able to shield their entire group from the onslaught of Volturi attack, and in the zero hour, Alice and Jasper finally arrive with another half-human, half-vampire from South America. The Cullens and their friends have proven once and for all that the Volturi have no rational reason to harm them, and seeing that they are evenly matched, the Volturi retreat. Bella, Edward, Reneesme, and the rest of the Cullens celebrate their victory.

    1. Kery says:

      …so basically a werewolf falls in love with a baby.
      Seriously dude we didn’t need the full cliff notes.

  28. Jillian says:

    haha! Twilight is gay! Watch True Blood.

  29. Iley says:


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