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Intern John Covers The Venice Beach Topless Protest

john venice 385 240 Intern John Covers The Venice Beach Topless Protest

K&B Intern John marches for Women's right to go topless

John, one of The Kevin & Bean Show’s newest interns shows some promise.  This Sunday he made his way down to Venice Beach to cover the “Equal Rights To Be Topless” protest.

These women believe that if men can go shirtless than so should they.


One Comment

  1. Jose says:

    Really, only 2 minutes? I could have watched covered up boobies for at least 5. Good looking ones that is.

  2. Rocket Man says:

    not enuff boobs, tooo much of that first dude…and if they wanted to flaunt their boobs why are they covering their nips

    1. doorofhorn says:

      So they don’t go to jail. But yeah, I hear ya…

      1. Kristy says:

        He’s to busy looking at the chiks he most likely isnt listening to them actually talk 😀

  3. Casey says:

    Talk about a dream job!

  4. Scott says:

    I’m sure most of those guys don’t even realize what they’re protesting.

  5. Fabian says:

    for those who couldnt get enough boobies.. check out my page, i took pix Already Up and will have vids up SOON!!

  6. Mark says:

    *then… and go boobies!

  7. Dally says:

    I like johns boobies the best

    1. jim johnston says:

      oh dally

  8. the Intern says:

    Sorry there weren’t more boobs, trust me those were the best ones out there!

  9. carlos says:


  10. omotherfuckerar says:

    crappy flap jack boobs! the girls there sucked!!!!!

  11. ed says:

    Best Kroq Video EVER. It would have been better if Ms. Cleo were there. Hey!, how about having her doing the interviews next trime with pasties on?!

  12. jaime says:

    DENG!!! 1:08 and 1:49 lol

    1. Steve A says:


  13. dave says:

    Clearly not all boobs are created equal. I don’t wanna see any of those ones in the video uncovered.

  14. Rod says:

    That Intern KILLED it.

    Also, he was WAY less creepy than most of the people you guys usually hire. (Who are, as a rule, creepier than my meter reader guy).

    How did you let him slip through?

  15. R says:

    Who is that last chick?!?! WOW

    1. Viol8tor says:

      INDEED!!!. Was about to post the same.

      She was beautiful!!!!!!! ❤

  16. Jared Risman says:

    Ive worked on venice beach for 10 years and this is the first time that women under 50 and less the 250 pounds came out to show there boobies… Usually its a TRAMATIZING EVENT

  17. Bieber can suck my Wiener! says:

    I want full unedited version, PLEASE!

  18. Fred says:

    Now I realize that here in France we are very lucky. Women can be topless on every beach, and totally nude if they are on a nudist beach…. This is what we call liberty !! 😀

  19. Nick says:

    I LOVE BOOOOBIES!!! ( . )( . )

  20. Carlos says:


  21. Harry Callahan says:

    If they really want the same rights as topless men, they ought to take off those nipple covers 😛

  22. Carlos Navarrette says:

    Is this what interns at KROQ do? Sign me up!!!

  23. nick says:

    man those boobs were pretty sweeT especially the pair with the banddana on her head.. . . only thing that coulda been sweeter is if they had DO DO on them! ha ha just kidding

  24. aplusone says:

    Damn! I missed this event. Talk about boobies galore, but they should at least have porn stars promoting the event

  25. Dr. Doom says:

    If they allow topless women in public, then DOWN WITH CENSORSHIP! Oh wait…this’ll never work! What about the mommies who don’t want their oh so innocent children staring at those OMFG TOPLESS DDD BOOBS IN PUBLIC brb!

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