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Kevin Screwed Up His First Pitch, Will I Mess Up My First At Bat?

orangecountyfliers Kevin Screwed Up His First Pitch, Will I Mess Up My First At Bat?

Are you aware that we have a minor league baseball team in our own backyard and it only costs between $3-$11 to get in and even free this Saturday? And who would have thought that me, Stryker, would be asked to play in a real game?

I’m talking about the Orange County Flyers that play their home games at Cal State Fullerton. And what’s more, Mark Prior is now on the team. He was once one of the best pitchers in baseball but arm troubles set him back a bit. He’s now working his way back to the majors.

I bet you didn’t know that yours truly is suiting up for a game this Saturday. I signed a one-day contract and I’m leading off the second game of the double-header. I’m playing one inning in the field. Yup, a whole inning. I even have free tickets for anyone that wants to attend.

I saw Kevin from Kevin & Bean completely screw up his first pitch so I feel like I need to at least attempt to redeem us KROQ radio people.

  • I need to take some swings in a batting cage. Any suggestions where?
  • Should I swing at the first pitch? I’m thinking I should, but at the same time I wanna be up there for at least a minute before I’m out.
  • Should I wear a “Cup?”
  • Should I watch Major League, The Natural or Bull Durham?
  • Do you know if The OC Flyers drug test their players? Is it too late to get some HGH?
  • I get to pick a song to walk out to. What song should I choose?

Thanks for helping you guys. If you have any interest in coming out to the game this Saturday, all you have to do is tell the box office that you’re on “Stryker’s list” and you’re in. I’m gonna bring a bunch of KROQ gear to give away (not my cup). Try to get there before 7pm.

God I hope I don’t get nailed by a fastball in my head, back , nuts, arm, ankle or nose.


One Comment

  1. Daniel Rosales says:

    would love to come out and watch game…let me know if u have any more free tickets thanks

    1. Lightning | Writer, Video, On-Air says:

      The tickets are FREE. Just tell the guy at the window that you’re on Stryker’s list. No joke!

  2. Josh says:

    1) The BatCade in Burbank had great batting cages.
    2) DON’T swing at the first pitch!
    3) Cup probably not necessary…
    4) “Major League”, most definitely… The other two are overrated…
    5) They probably do… Sorry Stryker!
    6) “Metal Health (Bang Your Head)” by Quiet Riot!

  3. Stryker says:

    Hey everyone, bring as many people as you want. The team loves KROQ and is rolling out the red carpet for all listeners that want to go. All you have to do is say you are there for KROQ or Stryker’s list. See you at 6:30pm or so. I’m #7.

  4. Stryker says:

    One more thing… After the game, we’re all going to Slidebar in Fullerton.

  5. Erik says:

    you should go out to Foo Fighter’s “there goes my hero”

  6. Angelo Romeo says:

    Ok so no don’t swing at the first pitch… Deffinatley wear a cup… I can give you FREE hitting lessons at the batting cages at YHS Friday night… And watch the angels or the rangers or the Yankees umm and walk out to eye of the tiger or wild thing

  7. Alan P. says:

    Check out “One” by Ratatat (look here to preview it)
    for your walk up song.

    Cup ABSOLUTELY necessary! Look at Adrian Beltre gettin hurt a year or two ago from a ground ball…put him on the DL.

    Once you pick your cage, start in the 70mph cage, but move up and stay in the 80mph (or 90mph if they have it) baseball cage. Seeing the speed will help.

    He’s gonna throw you junk your first pitch, so don’t swing at it. But take some swings, don’t try to coax a walk by just standing there.

    And Bull Durham is your best pick.

  8. Adam says:

    Good luck Stryker I’ll be there! Play “Supersonic” by Bad Religion when you go out there!

  9. JOHN says:

    short level swings and u should be good!

  10. Chase says:

    1) Any batting cage with 70mph-80mph speeds will do you fine
    2) Don’t swing at the first pitch. Pay attention to the pitchers motion and time how long the pitch takes to get to the plate.
    3) If you’re playing anywhere in the infield, cup it up. If you’re in the outfield, not as necessary.
    4) Forget those three movies, just use this: Kirk Gibson, 1988
    5) Doesn’t matter, HGH wouldn’t take effect soon enough for Saturday
    6) Smashmouth – “Why Can’t We Be Friends”

  11. thecheapones says:

    “Bring the noise” Public Enemy would be a good jam to walk out to.
    Dont swing at the first pitch. If you want to look like you know what you are doing try to lay down a bunt, but not until the 2 or 3rd pitch. At least you wont strike out, unless you foul of the third strike. You need to watch the Sandlot. Take some notes from those kids. Lastly wear a cup you dont want to foul off a pitch straight to your junk. OOCH! Good Luck Make the #7 same proud

  12. Mike Lopez says:

    GREAT STUFF! Saturday should be AWESOME! I know Adam Corolla and Jimmy Kimmel tryed out with the Dodgers one year for spring training and it was on the news….perhaps an LA TV station will get Stryker batting and playing! Cant wait for Saturday I’ll be there for sure!


    PS: Walk up song should be the new Anberlin Song!

  13. Stryker says:

    Thanks for all the great tips. I talked to the manager today , Paul Abbott, he told me the pitcher I’m facing throws high 80’s. Have a great rest of the week.

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