chickfightstill Lollapalooza 2010: Sometimes Girls Have To Slap Each Other At Lady Gaga Concerts

On the first day of Lollapalooza 2010, the big news was [lastfm]Lady Gaga[/lastfm]. Sure she was co-headlining with The Strokes, but I was hard-pressed to find a single person who was picking them over The Ga. Before she hit the main stage at 8pm, quirky rocker [lastfm]Hot Chip[/lastfm]┬áhad to finish up at 6. You’d think there wouldn’t be any cross-over in that crowd, right?

Turns out there was, and it was almost immediately apparent. After they finished, barely anybody moved and it was clear that getting a good spot for Lady Gaga was going to take a little muscle. If you were trying (like I was) to hold your ground, you took a lot of heat and a lot of bumps, shoves and kicks.

About 20 minutes in, one tipsy blonde girl decided “enough is enough.” And she fought back.

Magical. Luckily, the Sony people are loaning out their little Bloggie cameras at Lolla and I happened to have one hanging around my neck so we can enjoy the Gaga-fueled aggression in glorious HD.

My favorite parts? The girl on the right retaliating with a hail of beer (you’re only hurting yourself,) the fact that she’s smiling the whole time, and the numerous people asking me if I was going to upload this video to YouTube (I did.)

I’m guessing this didn’t happen at the Strokes stage. Julian Casablancas expects a little more from his fans.

Comments (10)
  1. jackie j says:

    Typical Lady Caca fans.

  2. Matthew says:

    Damn! Those girls be crazy! I loved the end where the dude was yelling at the chick to leave. LOL

  3. Scotty says:

    The best part was at the end…”Leave, Please!” Hahahaha! How mannerly. I wasn’t that nice at A.F.I. in Long Beach nor will I ever be nice to fools who think that showing up when ever they feel like it and trying to cut their way up to the front is right when it is ridiculously wrong. People who waited hours apon hours to see their artist have every right to defend the unwritten code of concert going. In my opinion atleast. In that same respect, anyone willing to fight someone for any reason deserves whatever punishment they get in return. It’s just that simple. what is it really worth is the question everyone should ask themselves before doing anything. Nice vid catch though Marc! Too bad it didn’t get any juicier than that. Yeah, The Strokes fans are way too cool for cry baby bullshit. They know how to rock n roll!

  4. Satin Bloom says:

    May I put a link to this post on my blog?

    1. Lightning | Writer, Video, On-Air says:

      Of course!

  5. Dr. Marbles says:

    That guy is so whipped that he wore a polo shirt to a Lady Gaga conert. Probably held her purse too. If he didn’t defend his drunk girlfriend, he probably would have been grounded.

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