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adtr post 385 A Day To Remember Performs Amazing Acoustic Set At KROQ

[lastfm]A Day To Remember[/lastfm] has three types of fans.

The first set of fans are the ones that “found” them and claim them all to themselves. Many of these fans are furious that their favorite band is growing in popularity.

The second group of fans recently learned about them and just can’t get enough. They may have heard them at X Games 16 since their latest album served as the soundtrack to nearly every TV promo.

The last group of fans are those who haven’t seen or heard of ADTR till now. We are so confident that after watching this performance you’ll be highly motivated to go straight to iTunes or Amazon and download their latest album Homesick.

Click more to watch this supremely talented band.

Have Faith In Me


In the follow song you may notice that Jeremy grabs his iPhone 4. No, he’s not checking his email. He spaced on the lyrics. He looked around at Kevin and Neil and cracked up. These guys are awesome.


Now that you’ve seen them acoustic, you’ll be totally blown away at their set when plugged in and and full volume.

We suggest you buy tickets to see them at Epicenter Twenty Ten right now. They’re playing on Sunday, September 26th with Blink-182, Rise Against, Bad Religion and more.

Check out the photo gallery from their show at X Games.

[photogallerylink id=56510]

Comments (147)
  1. Stud Rogers says:

    Man, I saw these guys in Midland, Texas back in ’06 when they were first getting around. They blew my socks off. Im fell in love with their music and have been dedicated to them since that night ’till this very day. I’ll admit I’d like to see them release a CD with a bit more hardcore than pop, but whatever they chose to do, I’m behind them 150%. Come back to SAN ANTONIO guys! And hit me up when you get there. I’ll take you for a night on the town 🙂 (haha, like they’re actually gonna see this…).

    1. ADTRFan says:

      Hell yeah San Antonio is wear its at! the pits are so much more crazier!

  2. Creepie says:

    F**K ALL K-POP…ALL HAIL TO ADTR! I hope music channels in my country featured them not K-POP rubbish!

  3. Tommy says:

    this band is such an amazing band… especially when they do aoustic sets like this… these are all AMAZING songs!! ❤

  4. Gary says:

    Z gets butthurt they didn’t play The Downfall of Us All.

    Oh and I’ve known about these guys since their EP. Hell yeah

  5. willie says:

    they played homesick better here than they did on the special edition of the album

  6. ADTR4*life* says:

    Dude ADTR has been my life since i first seen them in Las Vegas. I have 4 of there tattoo’s i have every album i have my car lic plate the same it’s just there so amazing..

    1. Jordan says:

      Marry me?

  7. Darryl says:

    Monument was definitely the best song of this set. The other two were a bit lacking, but the harmonies in Homesick were a nice touch. Jeremy was definitely a bit flat in those two, but Monument was pretty flawless.

    Maybe I’m just overly critical of the new album because it just doesn’t have that same energy as the rest of them.

  8. andrew says:

    im glad kroq has started playing adtr, theyre a good band, the only downside is that kroq probably will never play their best songs. i say best because they have almost all good songs, many different styles but good nonetheless

  9. Matt says:

    I found them about a year before they got popular, but I’ve got no problem with them getting big. Why wouldn’t you want to get big as a band? I won’t claim them for myself.

  10. sabrina says:

    i am in love with these guys! they are amazing, and make such amazing music. but i agree, i’ve been a fan of A Day To Remember for a long time now, and i couldn’t be any happier to see these guys doing so well. They deserve it so much. i breaks my heart to hear people say they love them, when they only know the song on the radio. I understand that not everyone has had the chance to hear such great music before hand, but they really should give the rest of the songs a chance.

  11. montanan says:

    i have been listening to ADTR for a while now and know most of their songs, i like pretty much all of them and i really hope they never sell out. i think that they will make thier way to the top just by staying the way they are and not forgetting where they came from, ADTR please remember those who support you no matter when they started listening to you and keep doing both heavy and soft songs

  12. shawn says:

    these guys are great tht was an awesome set!! A.D.T.R. rocks!!

  13. mcmnus says:

    amazing band

  14. Toddrick says:

    i’m one of the 1st group. and proud of it. most people around where i live “love” A Day To Remember because its “cool”. not for who they are/were, not for what they’ve done, not for what they stand for, not for what it means to listen to a song and really feel an unexplainable connection with the band since “And Their Name Was Treason”. most of the new fans are wrist cutting cry babies who are looking for EMOtional release and to get two birds with one stone those little pricks can be “cool’ at the same time because all the “cool” kids listen to them. like ADTR is a fad, or a trend. That sh*t makes me sick. ADTR isn’t a sell out in my books, but the new fans are.

    1. Chris says:

      You stole the words out of my mouth. I just wish people would stop saying they “sold out.” Selling out means you change your style of music for fame or money. They’ve always played pop-punk AND hardcore. Like Jeremy said “we play what we wanna play, and that’s just us.”

    2. Brooke says:

      Who cares about the other fans? You’re into A Day To Remember for A DAY TO REMEMBER, not the other fans. Get over it. You can’t control other people, you’re just wasting your time getting your panties in a bunch for people you can’t control.

  15. perpleX says:

    Nice songs 😉
    And the thing with the ipod…amazing
    Jeremy forgott the lyrics,looked at his ipod,looked at Kevin,he laugehd and sings the song….cool ;D

  16. ariana says:

    they are amazing. ive seen them at least eight times now and they never dissapoint.

  17. Poggatz says:

    but still a lot more awesome with electricity 😉

  18. Dillon says:

    I hate all the new ADTR fans this sucks that i have to pay out of the ass to see one of my favorite bands

  19. Monica says:

    Im Number One(;
    Love Them<3
    Favorite, Your Way With Words Is Trough Silence.

  20. Connor says:

    Theyre awesome accoustic. I cracked up durong the monument video. I’ve been a huge ADTR fan since their first album (And Their Name Was Treason) came out. My biggest fera is that since theyre seeing so much success with their softer stuff they’ll stop making hardcore stuff. They are at their best with songs like “1958” and ” Mr. Highway’s Thinking About the End”.

  21. Excessive says:

    ADTR was just fine without the promotion of KROQ and the entrance into the mainstream with the next tour they’re playing.

    We’re going to lose the hardcore part of the post-hardcore genre that they produce. I’ve been listening to ADTR for 4 years now and I’m very happy for them, but sad to see this being the choice they’re committed too.

    Hopefully, and I really do wish this would happen, they would introduce songs like Mr. Highways and Welcome to the Family to the mainstream crowd.

    Anyway, thanks for burning mah music. =/

    1. Anthony says:

      I agree

  22. Lucy says:

    they were great at download 2010. their albums are great too. they can prove their music is great by the fact that they are talented in all that they do. You don’t always get bands that are exceptional live, and in the studio nowadays, but these guys really pull it off.

  23. Jas says:

    I love them. They are my favorite band and they have been for a little over a year when I first heard them. I ❤ them!

  24. Steve says:

    It is really sad, reading everyone’s I know adtr better then you comments. NO ONE CARES YOU LOSER.

    Heartless remastered should have been on here though.

    1. alsdjflakdjflslj says:

      I agree.
      but Heartless, acoustic? Nah.

    2. G says:

      yea dude i totally agree.. ive liked them for about a year a now and its just kind of sad… its just about the music people its not a competition

  25. Gavin says:

    i love you guys btw but for acoustic especially on homesick i think it would sound amzing to get a djembe drum in there

    1. Gavin says:

      but im loving it guys.. can i buy/download these anywhere?

  26. Chris says:

    People saying “omfg you’re not a real fan!!!” etc. SHUT UP. If you like their music, you’re a fan. Get over it. Oh also get over ADTR “selling out” They wanted to make a career through music. And they did. Stop being jealous.

    1. Brian says:

      These guys blew up the stage in Cincy!!!!!! Best show by far around here in s**t i can’t remember! Can’t wait till they come back!!

  27. Chris c. says:

    ok so ive been hearing about all this stupid stuff about how adtr is on kroq ok first of all there new fans are all lame little trend fallowers who listen to wack all american rejects or whatevers popular ive been listing to adtr for like 4 years and ive seen them live 3times there shows got so down! But what i noiteced was that at their recent show i went to many stupid little kids ONLY knew the words to have faith in me which sucks so bad wow what pisses us of is dumb kids who are liking only there soft stuff. i have a feeling there new albums not guna be hxc there not guna scream and no more brutal breakdowns to hxc dance to there just guna turn into anothe fallout boy…. Wow adtr u guys sure know how to hold it down for the underground now!!! wow adtr please dont disapoint us!

    1. Louis says:

      dude calm down. Just let people listen to the music and enjoy it. I doubt A day to remember will ever turn out bad. I mean it’s pretty hard to go from hardcore breakdowns to 5 note solos, the band’s all about going out there and having fun they’re gonna play what they want to play. and every big band does a couple acoustic songs, from green day to pearl jam it’s just a change up and now that adtr is getting bigger they want to record some acoustic songs so that their true talent can shine through.

  28. Tosha says:

    Found this band about a year ago and am very glad a band with this much talent is “blowing up”. They are awesome and totally deserve the recognition. Oh and Ariel I totally feel you, I’m 34 and this band is my favorite. But I’ll do you one better I’m 34, Black, and this is my favorite band! ADTR you guys are the shizzz!

  29. Devan says:

    i can honetsly say this one of the only bands ill never get sick of the music is just so powerful

  30. Sarah says:

    Brilliant acoustic sets. Any chance of KROQ playing A Day To Remember on the radio? They’re so amazing. 🙂

    1. Blackout | Staff Writer says:

      We’ve been playing “Have Faith In Me” for a little while now!

  31. ryan c says:

    what i love about ADTR their first album sold 8000 copies they didnt give up they said lets re-release it with a cover of since you been gone and it sold 200k copies im sorry i stole ur last 3 cd’s from limewire and u guys kicked ass with new found glory and four year strong at Pops in Sauget IL

  32. Luis says:

    dude can anyone get the tab to this ? 🙂 that be awesome 🙂

  33. Tyler says:

    I’m with the first group.. Been listening to them since day 1.

  34. kim says:

    i am in love with this band!! wish they could make a trip down south. i want to see them sooo bad. i am 35 and love this band!!! have faith in me one of my favorites.

  35. matt says:

    way to pick the gayest songs you have ever wrote. pick some good songs. like none of of homesick. and everything else besides monument

  36. Nick says:

    Not going to say they “sold out”. But if their next album is any softer than Homesick I doubt I’ll enjoy it.

  37. ryanfmc says:

    Never really listened to these before, but I certainly will now!

  38. Sara says:

    i’m in the 1.5 set of fans lol. i heard of them long before the x games but not that long the be the first set of fans lol. ADTR rocks my neon green socks off hahaha

  39. tyler says:

    they played an acoustic set and left out you had me at hello? thats just horrible haha.

  40. jake says:

    i am in the third group of fans. my friends from “throw the fight” turned me onto the band. the second album has got a big place to fill. i am sure that y’all took your time and put it together nicely. congratulations guys, YOU ROCK!!

    1. Robert says:

      you mean the 4th album right…..

      Homesick is my least favorite of the 3 albums

  41. julio says:

    chill your f**king nuts, who are you to tell others what to listen to? A Day to Remember is an amazing band. Well apparently you are too a loser since your on their page right now am I right? Go listen to your music and leave us to ours mmkay? Grow up and mature.

  42. christian says:

    he shoulda done the growl for monument… his growls r da best…

  43. reynoso says:

    Yo …. i think i ‘found’ this band years ago and I love that they are growing in popularity. I can’t wait to see them live again. They deserve the fame and the fortune.

  44. Yol says:

    IDOL in me

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