kroqflashbackheader2 Todays KROQ Flashback   Dead Kennedys Bleed For Me

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“Urgh! A Music War” was one of the greatest chronicles of the early 80’s punk scene, and here’s Jello and his deceased Kennedys from that film.

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  1. rodney taylor says:

    awsome videos great 2 see old footage of vintage bands that r still touring now

  2. Scotty says:

    Sluggster!…you tug at the heart! DK is the band. Many before and after can never do what they did in the scene of Punk. I’m more partial to “We’ve got a bigger problem now”, “Chemical Warfare”, “Terminal Preppie”, & ofcourse the infamous “Viva Las Vegas”. But I can’t believe I missed you playing “Bleed for me” on air! That would’ve been a sick surprise to hear on the radio. Okay, so Sluggo, if you have somewhat of a pattern of punk rock that you play I want to request The Misfits: “Static Age”, “Teenagers from Mars”, “Braineaters”, “Hybrid Moments”, or atleast “Violent World”. That’d be really cool. Descendents “Suburban Home”, “Parents”, or the ever so classic “Weinerschnitzel”. Dude! I went back in time and watched “The Decline of Western Civilization”! Great Doc. Any tracks from that flick would be a cool surprise too! “Another state of mind” always makes me laugh when I see the mosh tutorial! Ha! Any tracks from that Doc too! Alright Sluggster, good to see great music represented every now and then. Thumbs up! This DK Auditorium gig proves one thing about punkrock…true punks have no specific style or trend. They just are who they are.

  3. SUBS says:

    Ray looks like the Fonz!

    1. greg says:

      Thats a punk band and one of the great ones. Green Day, Anti Flag, Rancid, Sum 41, New Found Glory, Blink 182 and all the other poseur bands take notice cause you guys are not punk at all.

      1. idk says:

        thats a load of crap cuz green day, anti flag and rancid are punk dumbass………………green day just made a bad album rancid is always punk stupid idiot and anti flag is super political and that defines punk

      2. idk says:

        and not to mention, blink182 never went out and said they were the most hardcore punk band ever………what the hell is wrong with you? you dont know music greg.

      3. sonichobo says:

        quit your whining, and just listen to the music. who cares if it’s punk or rock or whatever you want to call it-if it sounds good to you and you like it, enjoy it. labels suck. music snobs suck. if someone likes blink 182, who gives a damn?

  4. cirly says:

    hay! DH you look great! Glad to see you back on tour

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