He had long dirty hair and a voice carved from whiskey and factory smoke.  I was 12.  He was the Prince of Darkness.

Ozzy Osbourne at the Worcester Centrum was my first concert.

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  1. mtotheatt says:

    “Weird Al” Yankovic at Six Flags over midamerica.

  2. Joseph says:

    The Boss. 1993, I was 13, the Palace of Auburn Hills, Michigan… all these years later, he’s still rocking and one of the all-time best.

  3. susan poulos says:

    david bowie 1976 madison square garden,nyc i was 6.

  4. cowboysnaliens101 says:

    My first gig was Queens Of The Stoneage (the Cramps and Tomahawk opened) at The Greek Theatre during a rainy night on my birthday on October 31, 2003. I turned 13 that night and it was amazing. I had to go with my father since i had barely moved and didn’t have new friends. it was awkward, really BUT Q.O.T.S.A were AMAZING!! =]

  5. Vinnie says:

    My first concert was U2. October 30, 1992. Dodger Stadium.
    This was U2 at the peak of the ZooTV era. As it was my first concert, I had no idea other bands didn’t have stages that went from one foul pole to the other. I had no idea other bands didn’t have three-story video screens. I was blown away. I still remember the opening seconds of the concert… the George Bush rap (the first Pres. Bush channeling Queen: “We will, we will, rock you”) bleeding into “Zoo Station” -a song inspired by the crazy times in 1990 during the reunification of Germany, and a specific subway stop in Berlin. I remember the stadium flooded with enough light to make it look like daytime during “The Fly.” Several songs later, the stadium was flooded with red light for “Where the Streets Have No Name.” This effect was used by Muse at Glastonbury when they covered the song with The Edge playing along. One, Desire, Mysterious Ways, New Year’s Day, With Or Without You, Bullet The Blue Sky, Love Is Blindness… I have vivid memories of each of them. I had been a U2 for a few years at that point, but seeing them live made me realize that I would have a life long fascination with and appreciation of U2. Last year, as an incredibly lucky contest winner, KROQ sent me to see U2 in Europe. I got to see them in four countries, including Germany where we zipped by *the* Zoo Station on the subway. 1992 was quite a while back. Now having seen U2 a total of 42 times, I can say that I still get just as excited each time I walk into the venue… it doesn’t matter if it is with 97,014 people at the Rose Bowl, or 100 people on the Universal Studios Backlot for Kevin&Bean’s Breakfast with U2.

  6. Gee65 says:

    My first time was with a guy in cut up jeans (or something) … disco band calle IMAGINATION (music and lights … tadada tadara … rings a bell ?) … ok that was crap so my next one was LEVEL42 (hot water etc) … i developped a taste later on mind you …
    OK Gee out … peas and carrots

  7. Razz says:

    don’t remember the year but it was Stevie Wonder with my mom and aunts. wish i was old enough to really appreciate it like i would now, but it was great!

  8. Dan says:

    Green day at the home depot center

  9. Andres T says:

    My First Concert was Scars On Broadway in 2008 i was 16

  10. Derrick says:

    My first concert was Metallica at Cal State Dominguez Hills, don’t remember the year but it was in the 90’s. Alice in Chains were supposed to open but Layne OD’d or something so some crappy “grunge” band took their place. The second opening band was Suicidal Tendencies.

    1. Nicole says:

      Motley Crue. Theater of Pain tour.

  11. kroq1120 says:

    Four guys from Jacksonville, FL known as Limp Bizkit at the Arrowhead Pond (now the Honda Center), 11/21/00

    1. JB says:

      I was @ that concert (not my first) … It was also Xibit, Papa Roach, and Eminem

  12. Craig says:

    Kiss at Pershing Auditorium in Lincoln Nebraska in 1977 after that there was no stopping me that year was jam packed.Thank God I lived in a College town. no shortage of music.

  13. Kat Corbett says:

    Awesome shows people…well, except for Limp Bizkit…haaaaa

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