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Lakers Win 16th NBA Championship! Kobe Will Be on Jimmy Kimmel Tonight.

lakers championship Lakers Win 16th NBA Championship! Kobe Will Be on Jimmy Kimmel Tonight.

The Boston Celtics are a good team, and led most of game 7. They were ahead by 13 points in the 3rd quarter. But it wasn’t going to be their night. The Lakers came back and won the game 83-79.

Why did the Lakers win? Why did the Celtics lose? I think I’ve figured it out. It’s the curse of Dane Cook. You don’t want him on your side.

Phil Jackson has 11 rings. Kobe and Derek Fisher have 5 each.

To see Kobe’s interview after the game, and some highlights, click more.


One Comment

  1. jay says:

    Always knew Kobe was a bad loser, but apparently he’s a bad winner too. What a dick! Did you see that postgame interview? Can one be more graceless in victory? (I guess if you’re Michael Jordan you can.)

    1. Stormbringer says:

      You’re a moron…

    2. Paul says:

      It was totally classless of Kobe to say “I’ve got one more than Shaq.” Earlier that day Shaq said “If Kobe gets this one, he’ll be the greatest Laker of all time.”

      1. Kay says:

        One of the things that comes with winning a championship is bragging rights. So how is it classless for him to say that? jackasses.

    3. jay says:

      I’m sorry the two of you aren’t bright enough to make a real argument. But keep resorting to name calling. That’s totally an effective rhetorical strategy.

    4. alex says:

      go dolphins!

  2. doorofhorn says:

    All the talk is about King Lebron being so great and where he’ll end up while Kobe keeps winning actual championships. LAKERS!

  3. Rudolp Atkins says:

    Congratulation For Lakers to win 16th NBA title

  4. SportsFan says:

    love or hate Kobe Bryant, he comes to play and play hard he does. Players like him make sports fun. 🙂

  5. Stormbringer says:

    Congrats Kobe, Pao, Lamar, Fish, and the rest of the Lakers, showing the the Celtics who was the best team in 2010. Great job, great victory, from one fan of many!!!

  6. Carlos says:

    Congratulations to the Lakers for another great season.

  7. Edmund F says:

    Go Clippers. 16th Championship. Oh wait…that’s the Lakers.


  8. diana says:


  9. urabozo says:

    Michael Jordan played great basketball, but he hated his team mates,and he was a selfish a hole.

    The Green Slime runs out of gas.. Boooya
    F- Shaq, lets wait until the season starts and have foot surgery.

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