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stpweiland2385 KROQ WORLD PREMIERE & INTERVIEW: Stone Temple Pilots Hickory Dichotomy

Photo: Alex Rauch

Each day this week, KROQ’s Stryker is World Premiering tracks from the soon-to-be released self-titled Stone Temple Pilots album.

Today’s track: “Hickory Dichotomy”

Click more to listen to the entire song and watch Part 2 of Stryker’s exclusive interview with the band!


Comments (8)
  1. Anthony says:

    stp is back to doing what they do best; really great rock songs.

  2. ZackH says:

    Anyone besides me strongly dislike this song and hope they dont play it again

  3. SubSickAlien says:

    A fan’s perspective: Beginning with the good: surprisingly good production on this song. Dean kills on this with his guitar playing. Scott’s vocals have never sounded better. The bad: the songwriting itself is nothing which would make me come back for more. I guess it’s because I was never a huge fan of their pop-influenced songs. Core had the harder-acoustic songs which propelled them to their peak with 1994’s Purple. It was in Purple where they seemed to be writing their best songs of their career. I wish they would’ve gotten back to writing more dark-themed acoustic songs with melodies that stand the test of time. As far as their later work, to a certain degree, I really enjoyed Tiny Music.. the production was not their best but the good songwriting was still there. 1999’s No. 4 didn’t do it for me for except for a handful of songs, they tried to get back to their roots with it but I just didn’t feel it. Always believed Shangri-La was their most underrated album, it has some of their best love ballads they’ve written although it didn’t click with most fans, it was an album which showed which direction they were heading with their sound.As far as the new album, it’s too soon for me to make up my mind where this new album will fall when compared to the rest since I’ve not heard the entire collection of songs. Looking forward to listening to the entire thing and wish the band the best of luck with their upcoming tour. Rock on!

  4. Juan says:

    I like it, it’s got a very STP feeling to it!!! Looking good so far!

  5. Harry Seaward says:


  6. VR says:

    This track is amazing too, STP can do no wrong!!!!

  7. GirlNextDoor says:

    I effin LOVE this song. woohoo!!!

    YOU’RE RIGHT…they can do no wrong. LOVE IT!!

  8. Sean says:

    I really liked this song and what i’ve heard so far is pretty impressive .. Each album of theres has a different vibe to it and I can tell with this one that the 70’s and 80’s music scene was a big influence maybe some even late 60’s mixed in..very creative and very impressive sound on this album..they never fail to impress welcome back STP!!!

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