stpinterview WORLD PREMIERE & INTERVIEW: Stone Temple Pilots Huckleberry Crumble
Each day this week, KROQ’s Stryker is World Premiering tracks from the soon-to-be released self-titled Stone Temple Pilots album. 

Today’s track: “Huckleberry Crumble” 

Click more to listen to the entire song and watch Part 1 of Stryker’s exclusive interview with the band! 


Comments (28)
  1. Dean says:

    Great Int …catchy track

  2. Paul says:

    Song is sick

  3. LA_Momma says:

    reminds me of Aerosmith….

    1. tigerndangerofx says:

      Just a little. I love Aero as well. Fav is STP

  4. lostsoul86 says:

    wow the guitar on this track is awesome!!!! Classic!!!!

    great interview!!!

  5. Jesse says:

    cant wait to see STP at the weenie roast!

  6. chris says:

    does have an aerosmith vibe. guitar sounds really cool. not quiet sure im into it though.

  7. Eileen says:

    Huge fan…looking forward to the new album =)
    I’m just bummed that I wasn’t one of the lucky ones to get tickets to the weenie roast, I hope STP is going on tour!

  8. Cuzima says:

    Cool track…serious Aerosmith feel too it…can’t wait for the cd and the tour!

  9. Jim Bob says:

    This is complete and total crap. STP should have OD’ed when their music was still good.

  10. Jason says:

    Funny they werent to tired to do this show. Im sure this album is just going to be smash us. Should have stuck to the other things they were doing. Heroin and wreckless life styles.

  11. john doe says:

    Gonna prob be the 5 we have already heard which is pointless lol.

  12. VegasCrackerman says:

    Sweet Baby Jesus – fantastic interview, the fellas seem to all be super amped up for the new album and enjoying the success! Great bunch of musicians and people, I’m very happy for them and can’t wait to hear some more of the new tunes live!

    1. tigerndangerofx says:

      WOW Plush created in jacuzzi OMG. I would have loved to have been there for that! Yes I agree Stryker did a fantastic job with the interview. Joke! My dear Scott I love you but you were making love to that gum and not me LOL! STP is the Best please spread the word to new ears.

  13. SilvergunCL says:

    WOW!! Amazing interview. Awesome questions which allowed the guys from STP to open up and have fun. STP is the greatest band in the history of music kind. It’s great to be talking about new STP. Thank you Robert, Dean, Eric, & Scott. Huge STP fan and conrats boys.

  14. Neo says:

    I love STP’s song arrangements and the voice of Scott; This records seems to be a straight rock record, which is welcome; But also I hope that they will also put out more let’s say “artistic records” in the future. I hope to hear a lot more from Scott and/or the boys in the future, at least for another 10 years !
    And the interview is absolutely great! Loved it

  15. VR says:

    Song sounds great, cant’ wait for the album!!

  16. tigerndangerofx says:

    Some what sounds like aerosmith. Aerosmith one of my favorite bands. STP has been my favorite hands down 4ever. I believe once there album is released everyone can listen and jam to it in there car and or listen to it via iphone etc. You know that music sounds so much different and better in other forms. I’m going to the Roast. So looking forward to these guys reclaiming there place in rock 4ever again! Etc.

  17. Sky says:

    Hehe, boogie rock stomp and very Aero. STP takes everything good from the 60’s and 70’s, turns it into a fine pastiche and makes it feel new. Great rock band.

  18. Rich says:

    this song is cool. As much as I love Core/Purple, all of their albums feel completely different and this is no exception. I think it will catch on once everyone listens to it a few times.

  19. Dave K says:

    Ahhhhh Yes, So Refreshing to Hear These Awesome Tracks

  20. Mike Whittle says:

    Great Music,,,Good Production,,Heroin Boy’s Pulled it together and Blew it out both Pantleg’s,,,These guy’s need to be rewarded with a nice”fresh”clean syrynge,filled with the most Purist Heroin,for their Hard Work they’ve been through!!!!!

  21. Liz says:

    If you don’t like the album, just say you don’t like it and leave it at that. It’s even ok to talk about why you don’t like it. But, it is rude and tacky to say you think the band should OD or deserves some heroin.
    I love everything I’ve heard so far! I’m looking forward to getting my cd tomorrow!!

  22. Mike says:

    Scott has one foot in the grave. Jeez.

  23. Patricia Peralta says:


  24. Jessie G says:

    over all, great interview by stryker…. STP+HERB=a hell of a time

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