familyguy Family Guy Salutes Illegal Immigrants

Family Guy is not a stranger to addressing hot topics and current events. So in honor of Cinco de Drinko, and the recent Arizona 1070 Law controversy, Family Guy pays tribute to those who work harder than us for far less.

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And of course, I’ve saved the best for last!

Vodpod videos no longer available.
Comments (3)
  1. Mark in Northridge says:

    It’s very simple.. if the U.S. enforced their immigration laws as tough as Mexico did theirs, then this would be a non issue. Ask a neighboring Latin America person what would happen if they strolled across the Mexican border and invaded their schools, hospitals, work force et al, illegally. Case Closed.

  2. Jason says:

    Wow, ” Mark from Northridge ” shut your stupid ass up already, you obviously have no clue of what your talking about. Plain and simple, stop drug smuggling, get rid of anchor babies and thats it. Do not patronize Hispanics/Latinos that are US citizens and that were born here just because they are far more darker than you are. One day without a Mexican would be hell to this country.

    1. Mark in Northridge says:

      Educate yourself my friend. I came here legally it can be done. Where was I picking on US citizens or legal immigrants? I have my green card… 2 long years, but my parents did it the right way, sometimes were were separated for months while dad got a job and sponsored). If the White House sat on the CA, AZ or TX border, we’d have immigration reform, PRONTO! AZ is just enforcing the federal law, its their job when they have someone in their custody in questioning for a crime that they ask for ID. What’s so hard for you people who defend law breakers to understand about our laws? Please read a book.. put down the bong one nigh.

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